Thursday, February 28, 2008

"It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over!"

The expression “it ain’t over ‘til it’s over!” rings remarkably true as I continue to pray hard for Mike Huckabee. I realize that there are many who have given up hope that we will have a good man of character in the white house to lead our country. However, hope is not dead because the dream lives on - a dream that CAN become a reality!! Neither John McCain nor Mike Huckabee have got the required number of delegates to get elected. And, while winning every state from now on won’t give him the number of delegates needed, there is hope that if he prevents McCain from getting the delegates HE needs….Mike can STILL WIN!!

My die-hard Huckabee supporter and fellow Hoosier, Pamm, posted a blog with an article which articulates just how real the possibility is that Mike can still win!! It’s very appropriately titled: “Don’t count your delegates before they’re hatched.” You have got to read this one, because according to the article, McCain will be backed into a corner very soon - especially money-wise!! Here are three important points stated in the article that I particularly loved:

“McCain cannot spend without risking violating the Federal Election Commission matching grant rules (he helped create). The limit is $54 million (until the convention in September), and he's "already spent $49 million.

He can't get out of the matching grant program because there isn't an FEC quorum to vote on it.
Knowingly violating the spending limit is a criminal offense that could put McCain at risk of stiff fines and up to five years in prison.”

And, as stated in the last bit of the article:

“THIS is the moment when we must surge with every ounce of strength, money and faith that we have, keeping my home state of Ohio's motto in mind: "With God ALL THINGS are possible." And when Gov. Mike Huckabee wins in Ohio and Texas, the remaining states (and funds) will follow … while John McCain stands around with his hands in his pockets unable to spend his money because of the rules he helped create.”

AMEN!! Let’s “get r done!“ We still have a voice people!! Don’t be duped into thinking that it’s all over!! IT’S NOT!!!! Be sure to read the article in its entirety for more!! It also includes a 31 second You Tube video of a couple who adopted two “snowflake babies.” For those of you that don’t know, snowflake babies are children that were once frozen embryos; embryos that could have been experimented on through destructive and ineffective stem-cell research (research that McCain has voted for… much for being pro-life eh?). The children in that video likely could have been inhumanely experimented on and then thrown away because of people like McCain giving the ok to snuffing out their lives - all in the name of “science.” This is one of the main reasons why I will NOT vote for McCain!! I’m for Mike Huckabee all the way!! He’s 100 percent pro-life and has ALWAYS been - not just when it’s been “convenient.” In fact, one of my favorite quotes of his is when he said: “I didn't become pro-life because of politics, I got into politics because I'm pro-life." AMEN!!! GOD BLESS YOU MIKE HUCKABEE!!!

Keep praying everyone!! Keep spreading the word about Mike!! Get involved!! DONATE!! Do whatever you can!! I am STILL a Huckabee Ranger and I am STILL offering to write a limerick or whatever else I can do if you would just donate to the campaign using my ranger code: R10165. ANY AMOUNT WILL HELP; EVEN IF IT’S JUST A BUCK FOR HUCK!! Even Mike has reminded us all just how far a “widow’s mite” can go!! Don’t forget about the “loaves and fishes” principle!!

C’mon everyone!! Where are all of God’s loud and proud people at?? Will we not stand together and say that this man of God is the one we want for our leader? Are we REALLY going to sit by and watch evil rise up in the white house? Wake up everyone!! Do you really want to be part of a generation that allowed the defeat of good and the rise of evil?? Are we really going to stand by and elect a president that will flush our morals down the tubes and keep killing our unborn, push for the desecration of marriage and of our Christian faith, and hand our nation over to Allah, “almighty” Islam, and to terrorists on a silver platter? Democracy is supposed to be a “We the people” kind of thing and if WE are still THE PEOPLE that speak for this nation, we ought to be speaking louder and stepping out in the faith we proclaim!! I know I am!! Is anybody with me??

The Time Is NOW!!

Michael Hichborn of American Life League sent out an article he wrote to us pro-life bloggers and requested that we post it. The article is brilliant and therefore, I have no added comments!! Way to go Mr. Hichborn!! You are right on!!! The time is now and we are all standing strong for the unborn!!


David's Stone: Personhood
By Michael Hichborn

The ongoing effort to save preborn babies from the culture of death is akin to the epic battle between David and Goliath. While the pro-life movement struggles just to maintain its grassroots support base, the massive and powerful culture of death has access to all of the money, political power and propaganda it could ever want.

At least David had the nerve to show up for the fight. Right now, in Colorado, a 20-year-old law student has taken up David's sling and is prepared to throw the deadly stone while some self-professed pro-life leaders, politicians and clergymen cower because they believe that "now is not the right time."

In November 2007, Kristi Burton, founder of Colorado for Equal Rights, won an important victory in the state supreme court allowing her to move forward with Proposed Initiative 36. The initiative simply states that "the terms 'person' or 'persons' shall include any human being from the moment of fertilization." This initiative is the lynchpin for restoring the right to life for all preborn babies, because in the U.S. Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision, Justice Harry Blackmun wrote, "If this suggestion of personhood is established, the appellant's case, of course, collapses, for the fetus' right to life would then be guaranteed specifically by the [14th] Amendment."

Over the past 35 years, nearly 50,000,000 preborn babies have been legally butchered in their own mothers' wombs. The most we have to show for our effort to stop this carnage is an alleged ban on the heinous practice of partially delivering a baby, stabbing him or her in the back of the head and then sucking his or her brains out. Hailed by some as a pro-life victory, the so-called ban on partial-birth abortion isn't truly a ban because the Supreme Court decision itself included instructions permitting doctors to circumvent the ban by injecting the baby with poison before completing the grisly procedure. What is so completely baffling, however, is that organizations like the National Right to Life Committee will pop a champagne cork for a ruling that won't stop a single abortion, but will not support or will even directly oppose the personhood initiative – which would directly end all abortions – because they claim that "now is not the right time."

Some may ask, "If now is not the right time to save babies, when is?" But it's more appropriate to ask, "Why not now?' What do pro-life leaders, politicians and clergymen have to lose by acting now instead of waiting for "the right time"? If the initiative fails, do we admit defeat, tell the babies we're sorry we couldn't do better, pack up and go home? How many amendments and legislative measures are voted upon only once before being passed? The answer is less than one percent! If the initiative fails, you start over and try again and you keep trying until it works. It is hard, tedious and frustrating work, but when compared with the suffering of innocent preborn children who face dismemberment and death, the decision is an easy one. Only those locked in their lofty ivory towers, comfortable with merely drawing a salary to do "pro-life" work, remain silent or oppose real pro-life measures while they wait for "the right time."

There is no "right time." David went into battle against Goliath without military or combat training and without a sword, shield or helmet. He carried only a sling and some rocks. He was a mere boy and the timing was as much against him as his size and strength. But his courage and faith in God led to victory. In truth, the victory over the culture of death will not be ours to claim, just as the timing is not ours to decide. Kristi Burton heard the call from God to defend human life and answered it without question, without waiting for "the right time" and without compromise. Her leadership brings to mind the words of a shepherd who slew a giant:

You come against me with sword and spear and scimitar, but I come against you in the name of the LORD of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel that you have insulted. Today the LORD shall deliver you into my hand; I will strike you down and cut off your head. This very day I will leave your corpse and the corpses of the Philistine army for the birds of the air and the beasts of the field; thus the whole land shall learn that Israel has a God. All this multitude, too, shall learn that it is not by sword or spear that the LORD saves. For the battle is the LORD'S, and He shall deliver you into our hands. (1 Samuel 17: 45-47)
When doing the work of God and calling on people to support the defense of babies, can timing really be an issue? While pro-life leaders, politicians and clergymen stand idly by, waiting for "the right time," Kristi Burton puts it all in God's hands, stands in the arena, takes careful aim and throws.

Michael Hichborn is American Life League's media relations director.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rethink Jesus: Part 1

Last week, Craig Cortright started off a new series at church entitled “Rethink Jesus.“ In this series, leading up to Easter, Craig, Kent, and Chad will be going deeper into the days leading up to Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. Craig started out by talking about the triumphal entry; otherwise known as Palm Sunday. And, just so you know, Craig has a more factual and historical approach in his messages. He’s really good at explaining those things; I am not. So, you might want to listen to him preach it because I likely won’t articulate those things as well as he does.

Craig talked about the triumphal entry being the time of Passover. Passover was always a time for celebration because it was all about the Jews freedom and how they were liberated from slavery in Egypt; and spared from the plague of death of the first born. But, even at the time of Jesus, they still weren’t free. They were dominated and occupied by the Romans and they longed for their Messiah to come to their rescue and free them. They were expecting the Messiah to be a great warrior who would bring them freedom and restoration. In fact, there were many revolutionaries (Zealots) who were so eager for it that they encouraged others to rebel and revolt against the Romans.

Little did they know that the Messiah was coming; riding in on a donkey. Many had heard of Jesus. Some knew he was much more than a prophet and some did not. Many were just curious and in awe of him due to the wondrous miracles he performed (including just recently raising Lazarus from the dead) and his teachings. Many laid out their cloaks as he passed down the road on the donkey. It was an act of submission to the King. They even waved palm branches; which Craig described had a deeper meaning. The palm branch was like their national symbol and waving a palm branch was like us waving our American flags. They were shouting “Hosanna” and hoping that He was the one that would save them. And indeed, He was (and is!) the one who came to save. Though, it wasn’t exactly in the way they had hoped. The expected a great lion and a warrior that would save them from their temporal oppression; but what they got was a lamb who came to free us from eternal suffering. In fact, Jesus arrived in Jerusalem on “lamb selection day.” Coincidence? I think not!! As they were all choosing their perfect lambs for their Passover feasts, God provided HIS perfect lamb for all of them!! JESUS was and is that perfect, blameless, and spotless sacrificial lamb who was offered up for us all!

Many of the people in the crowd who were praising the lamb of God didn’t even know just who He was. Some of them would later on be the very same people calling for his crucifixion. Some of them were just going with the flow. Jesus was “popular” at the moment. He had done a lot of miracles and had even raised the dead. But, one thing about popularity is that it can come and go quickly. People could turn against you in an instant. As Craig pointed out, “popularity is often based on false assumptions.” Some may have been praising him just because of what he did, or how he taught, and not necessarily because they knew that He was the one and only Son of God worth praising. If they had known, they wouldn’t have later been going along with the crowd (egged on by the Pharisees) to crucify him. It’s funny how popularity can be manipulated isn’t it? All the hype and perceptions really has power over how a person thinks and behaves to whatever/whoever is in the spotlight (we see that in the media every day - I could give you a prime example, but knowing me, I’ll bet you already know what I am referring to! LOL Think about it people; and don‘t be duped!!).

The popularity factor was realized by the Pharisees. They fully loathed it. They didn’t want people worshipping Jesus; whether He was the Son of God or not. They told Jesus to rebuke the people for their worship. But, Jesus said that if they didn’t worship, the rocks would cry out. And, like an old pastor of mine always said, “I don’t want a rock doing my job!”

So, what did “Mr. Popularity” do next? Well, as he saw the city, he began to cry. Craig said that the word for cry in this instance wasn’t like the word for cry when he cried for Lazarus. For Lazarus, it was more a cry of sympathy. For this type of cry, the word meant a deep lamenting and sorrow. Jesus’ words in Luke 19:42-44 reflect the reasons for his tears: “If you, even you, had only known on this day what would bring you peace—but now it is hidden from your eyes. The days will come upon you when your enemies will build an embankment against you and encircle you and hem you in on every side. They will dash you to the ground, you and the children within your walls. They will not leave one stone on another, because you did not recognize the time of God's coming to you." Jesus said this because he knew the suffering that was to come and that in time, there would be a revolt and that many of them would be killed and the city would be destroyed.

Craig said that he thinks differently about God and about how He feels for us and weeps for us. So, how does Jesus weep for us? How does He weep for YOU? Is He weeping for your sorrows, struggles, and pain? Is He weeping for the things going wrong in your life right now? Or, is he crying tears of joy over the good things you are experiencing? Whatever you are going through - whether pleasant or painful - Jesus shares it with you. He is always right there with you. Did you know that? Does that surprise you? It might have surprised the Jews as they watched him weep. That’s likely not what they were expecting. They were looking for a tough lion-type Messiah; not a soft-hearted lamb. They likely felt that Jesus’ couldn’t be the Messiah they were expecting because He didn’t line up with their own expectations of what they thought He should be. So, maybe this was the turning point. Maybe this was when Jesus’ “popularity” starting going down; because they didn’t see or get what they wanted. It’s amazing how attitudes and perceptions change isn’t it?

The bottom line that I get from all of this is that Jesus is who He is. You can’t put Him in a box or “limit” Him. If you limit Him, you limit yourself and what He can do for you in your life. He’ll only bless you as far as your faith. If you only see Him as a “great guy” who did “cool stuff” or something like that, then you won’t experience much else with Him. When your perception is based on a superficial “popularity“ factor (which as we have seen can be a very temperamental thing) you don‘t get to know the REAL person. (Yeah, and I‘ve been there too!! I know of and have met lots of people who aren‘t who everyone thinks they are - and THEY don‘t even know who they are either because they are so caught up in their own hype!!). But, thankfully, Jesus isn’t like that. Jesus is modest, humble, and isn’t just a hyped up “good man” or a “good story” in the Bible. Jesus is real; both then, now, and forever!! If you see Him and accept Him for who He TRULY is, you’ll know Him deeply and intimately. THAT is how you will be able to experience Jesus and connect with Him!! Don’t settle for a shallow relationship based on “popular assumptions.” Experience Jesus for yourself!! Go deeper!!


So many times, we take things for granted; like our health. With so many people coming down with colds and the flu (my kids included) I just wanted to take a break to praise God that I haven’t gotten anything!! I hope that I will be spared from catching my kids’ colds and that God would continue to keep me healthy - so I can keep up with everything!! My prayers go out to all of you who are battling illness or injury. May God’s blessings and healing be with you as you recover.

So, since our kids were sick, our plans for church changed a little today. We were both scheduled to give blood at the blood drive at church today. So, Mitch went first and I stayed home with the kids. Then, I went to church when he came home.

Today’s blood donation experience was rather pleasant!! As many of you may know from reading my past blogs, I usually have a difficult time of giving blood - if I even get to at all!! Often times, my iron is one point low and I get turned away. Or, once I give, I get nauseous, dizzy, etc. and just take FOREVER! However, today was a GREAT day!! I was one point above the minimum (praise God!) and gave my pint in an all new record for myself: eleven minutes lol. So, I was also excited because being so quick, I could still catch the last half of the service and hear the message. However, this was one of those Sundays in which they chose to switch it up. They did the message FIRST and THEN the worship time. So,…. sorry peeps!! I will have to wait until they upload the audio on the church website, for me to listen to, before I can blog about it. Anyways, that’s ok, because I never did get around to blogging about last week’s message (which I will blog about once I finish THIS blog lol). By the way, feel free to listen to any of the past sermons I have blogged about on the church website!! Chad’s parable of the sower series (entitled “Noise”) is now on the site in its entirety!! If you liked my blogs on that, you’ll love to hear Chad preaching it!

Ok,….anyways…..I got a little bit more to say today because after church, I went to a prayer appreciation lunch. Members of the prayer team all gathered together for lunch, sharing, and prayer. It was great because Kim, Alicia, and Chris all shared about the vision, goals, and experiences of the prayer team and how they hoped God was going to grow us in the many different areas! I just can’t wait to see what else God will do in peoples’ lives and I‘m happy to be a part of the team!!

One of the high points of the lunch was when Kim had a family testify about the power of prayer and the greatness of God through their tough times; as well as the better times that followed. They had stepped out in faith and moved to Life Church’s sister church when we did a church plant a few years ago. They were also going through some tough medical circumstances with their son who was at Riley Hospital and getting surgeries for Spina Bifida. They were wondering how they were going to be able to pay for all their bills and miraculously, they said that God found a way and when they got their bills, they were ZERO!! She thought there must have been some mistake, but no. The doctor (who is a believer as well) had their costs reduced and then, the hospital eventually just wrote everything off. AMAZING!! God sure does provide and He always makes a way!!

He also made a way for them to adopt a special needs child; a child with Spina Bifida just like their son. The biological parents already had two children and they didn’t want a third. They had considered abortion, but then decided not to go through with it. Then, when they found out that the baby was going to have disabilities, they considered it once again (yeah, that just made me cringe and want to vomit!). But, they decided they couldn’t because it was too expensive to get one and they would have to go out-of-state to get a partial birth abortion (I know… the thought is horrifying!). I just thank GOD that even though that these parents are believers, God saved this child and found a new family for this precious little girl that we got the pleasure of seeing at this prayer lunch today!! It was just amazing to see how God orchestrated the whole thing, saved the baby, and provided a grant to the family to adopt since the child has special needs. God just took care of everything!!

These were just some of the many blessings that I was privileged to hear about today!! I am just so thankful that through prayer, we can move the hand of God!! I too have seen MANY answers to prayer in my life and in the lives of others that I pray for, as well as the people who tell me their “God-stories“. It would take me DAYS to tell you about them all!!

I’m eager to see more answers to prayer, which is why I’m going to mention a few requests right now. Of course, I am still requesting prayer for Haley Chaney. She is making amazing progress considering her brain injuries, and will be entering rehab soon. You can find her updates on her care page (you will have to register to view it). But, to briefly update you, she is trying hard to sit up, stand, and even WALK! She isn’t talking yet, but she is making motions and gestures. She is just amazing everyone with that determined and willful spirit of hers!! She is a living breathing miracle!! Continue to pray for healing and her progress and that she would be completely restored!! She and the Chaney family greatly appreciate your prayers!!

Also, continue to pray for Alyssa Shutt and her family (Alyssa was the one driving the car). She’s having an especially rough time emotionally. This whole community has just been hit really hard. A lot of our youth have been suffering lately. I think Satan is desperately trying to silence and oppress the young generation that is rising up against him and that is why so many of our youth are being afflicted. Well, Jesus is Lord in our community!! Satan, you are not welcome here and we are praying against you!! You can’t touch this!! :P We will not be silenced, torn apart, or destroyed!! We are united in prayer and love!!

I also have a request that Chris brought up before the people at the lunch. A little boy named Alex has leukemia and his brother, Samuel, is going to provide him with the bone marrow transplant this Friday. So, be in prayer for that. I guess Chris also said that their father had died from leukemia. So, they have been through a lot already.

I also have two unnamed requests. One is the one that I brought up in a blog previously (which I don’t have any updates or progress on as of right now). And, the other one is another request of GREAT importance!!! I can’t mention specifics, but just pray for God’s provision, healing, and just for God to do MIRACLES!! God has brought about much progress recently, but much more prayer is needed!! So, I thank you for being in prayer about these urgent requests!! If circumstances get better and allow me to reveal the nature of these requests, I will be sure to disclose it and let you know what your prayers have done!!

And, my final request is that you be in prayer for Mike Huckabee today. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, a bunch of people have been rallying for prayer for Mike today. So, please remember him in your prayers!! I don’t care what anyone says about his “chances.” Republican nomination or not, he STILL gets my vote; even if it comes down to a write-in!! None of us have to compromise our principles and vote for someone who doesn’t represent whole-heartedly what we believe in!! We STILL have a voice!! Please, pray hard for him and that God would just amaze everyone by making a way for Mike to become president!! There is NO ONE better suited for the job. There is NO OTHER CANDIDATE that is 100% pro-life, pro-marriage/family, pro-faith and freedom, etc. (and he ALWAYS has been!! He has NEVER wavered, flip-flopped his beliefs, or changed his position right before running for election…..unlike McCain….please read his contradictions for yourself at the link provided).

Anyways, I’m thankful for all that God has done, is doing, and WILL do!! Prayer is awesome!! It really does wonders!! Let’s all keep tapping into God’s power so that we can keep seeing his awesome answers and miracles!! Keep praying and keeping the faith everyone!!! God bless you!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

"I'm Telling Daddy On You!!" (Again!)

Every now and then, you read something that speaks to you. Sometimes, it can even be something that you wrote yourself!! LOL Such is the case with me sometimes. I happened across an old blog of mine on one of my other sites tonight. And, when I read it, I felt the need to repost it because it really touched me. It's about being able to go to God whenever you need Him - He's always in our corner!! I especially wanted to share it because I feel there are some that really need to hear it right now!!

Anyways, I wrote this July 13, 2006. It's called: "I'm Telling Daddy On You!!"


At a time in everyone’s childhood, there has been a bully of some kind. Whether it was hair pulling, name calling, fist fighting, or something else, we have all had someone pick on us at one time or another.

In our younger years, most often we would try to get back at the bully by “telling” on them. We may have not been able to stick up for ourselves, but we knew that SOMEONE could. Therefore, we would go running to a grown-up, like Mommy or Daddy, and tell them who wronged us. Then, they would confront the bully for us, teach him a lesson, and make him apologize.

How nice it was to have someone in your corner to stand up and protect you from all sorts of bullies! Parents, and other grown ups who cared for us, always had a way of making things right and helping us feel secure. No matter how big the bully seemed to be, the adult was always bigger. So, it always made sense to tell someone who was being mean to us, so they could help make it right.

Obviously, now that we are IN the grown up world, getting our parents or someone else to fight for us just doesn’t work much anymore. Most of the time, we are on our own and have to duke it out ourselves.

Well, guess what? We DO still have someone on our side that has ALWAYS fought for us. That person is Jesus. He has, and always will, be on our side to fight for us.

Lots of people try to bring us down in life. Satan brings us down as well. All that negativity and pain is hard to fight, especially if you buy into it. However, combating it can be a LOT easier. All we have to do, when faced with Satan (as well as difficult people and situations) is remember who is there to fight for us. Just like a cat puffs itself up for defense and intimidation, so is the way with Satan. He makes himself seem big and unconquerable; even though he is nothing but a lying coward. He tries to manipulate our feelings, as well as use others’ comments and actions to get to us. He tortures and torments us into believing whatever he can in order to attain control and distract us from God. The really big bullies are good at that. I’m sure everyone has had a bully intimidate them to the point of where they were afraid to tell someone about how they have been terrorized. That is what keeps a person trapped, and the bully in control.

Just like our parents told us, however, we should ALWAYS tell someone if we are being treated badly. No one has to go through it alone. We need someone to stand up for us.

That is why Jesus is always there. Satan is nothing but a bug on his shoe. Jesus was crucified on the cross for our sins, and rose from the grave! He set us free from the damnation of hell! He has already won the war against Satan, so helping us win our battles is cake! Satan doesn’t stand a chance against us when we have JESUS, and the Word of God, as our line of defense! We are given power and authority in Christ and “…greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.” (1 John 4:4).

Satan has met his match! He cowers under the authority and power of Jesus!! Satan knows he is defeated, and there is nothing he can do about it!! He can try his hardest to bring us down, but if we just remember to call on our “Daddy,” then he has got no place to run!

Any time you feel burdened down and lowly, just talk to Jesus. He’s right there with you. Listen for that still small voice. If Satan has been demeaning and condemning you, go to Jesus and see what he has to say. I’ll bet you anything he will say, “My child, that isn’t true. Why would you believe that?” And when you spill your guts to him, he’ll reassure you and lift your spirits, just like any parent would. He’ll shut down the lies of Satan, and others, and have you standing tall.

So, next time you feel like you’re really dogging on yourself, and Satan is working hard to keep you down, just use this phrase to make him cower and tremble: “I’m telling my Daddy on you!!”

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pray For Mike Huckabee On 2-24-08!!

I received the following message in a bulletin on myspace. So, I am passing it along!! Please, let’s all come together in prayer and pray extra hard for Mike Huckabee on February 24th (this coming Sunday)!! There is power in prayer - and in numbers!! People everywhere will be praying for Mike; please join in!! Let’s keep the hope alive and our faith going!! It’s like I have been telling everyone, “Faith is stronger than politics.“ Prayer does wonders!! Thanks and please pass this on!!!


Join us February 24, 2008 as we pray for God to make a way for Mike Huckabee to become president. We believe Mike Huckabee is the best option to become president and we're asking God to make that happen. We're at a vital part in America's history and we believe Mike Huckabee is the right man to face the challenges our nation currently faces. We know any time God is brought into the equation, big questions get asked. Read our FAQ's below. If you have more questions, feel free to email the site. Please join us as we intercede for this nation, that the man we think is God's best will get elected.


Q. Why pray for Huckabee on 2-24-08?

A. Because we believe Mike Huckabee is the best option for America. We're calling on God to help elect the man we believe is the best option to be president in The United States Of America.

Q. Are you saying God has chosen Huckabee to be president?

A. That's not for us to say. All we're saying is that we think Huckabee is the best option for president and we're asking God to make that happen.Q. So you're saying God wants Huckabee to be president and you'll follow what ever Huckabee says and does because he is God's man?

A. Oh don't be silly. We're not proclaiming he's God's man, we're just saying we like the guy and we want him to be our president. Of course we won't blindly follow him, we didn't check our brains at the door.

Q, Aren't you shoving your beliefs down our throats?

A. Unless someone has a gun to your head and is forcing you to this site, of course not. And if they have a gun to your head, duck! You're free to pray or not to pray for Huckabee. You're free to go post on a blog or message board about how dumb this all seems to you. This is America, you can do that. And we can decide to pray for the guy we like.

Q. Isn't this all kind of theocratic and cult like?

A. No because we're not forcing you at the butt of a gun to pray for Huckabee. We're not proclaiming eternal damnation unless you support our guy. We're all free thinking people who believe Huckabee is the best man for the job. We also realize there are free thinking people who think he's the worst man for the job. So be it! We still want to pray for him.

Q. What if we pray and God doesn't do something miraculous to help Huckabee get elected?

A, Well then I guess he won't be elected, huh? At least we can't say we didn't try.

Q. Is this site run by the official Huckabee campaign?

A. No.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Update on Haley

I would like to thank all of my friends and readers who are faithful and blessed prayer warriors!! Please, keep praying!! Everyone's prayers for Haley are prevailing!! Here is the update that Tony and Angie posted today on Haley's Care page:

Family and Friends, praise God for hearing the prayers of his people. We have won another great victory today in the powerful name of Jesus. Today was a great day! Angie and I never thought we would be so happy just to see Haley yaaaaawwn…blink…glance around the room…then look at us with those big blue eyes.

The last time Haley was in ICU was when she was born. She was premature and only weighed around 5 pounds. They had to hook her up to some tubes then too, because she had trouble breathing. The emotion surprised us. Angie and I went back in time. It seemed strange to be celebrating the same simple pleasures 17 years later. We welcomed Haley into the world…again.

Last night around 2:00am, Haley was restless, coughing, and gagging. At 4:00am, she decided it was time for the vent tube to come out. She gave some BIG coughs, and the nurses pulled it out. She did wonderful! Her breathing was relaxed and all vitals were healthy. Haley woke up at about 8am..

They unhooked and unplugged stuff all afternoon. She is down to one IV for fluids and/or medication. She still has the nose feeding tube. NO tracheotomy for Haley! Yay God!

At around noon, the neurosurgeon’s assistant came and removed the ICP probe from Haley’s head. I watched as she unscrewed it with a little wrench and pulled it out…Ouch. It was the last piece of equipment that was a reminder of her “Critical” condition. Haley is officially classified as “Stable.”

At 2:30pm, nurses increased tube feedings and turned off IV fluids. It will take a while for all the medications to wear off. Haley is still very groggy. We are preparing for rehab and praying for miraculous healing of neural pathways and connections. She probably will be taken to the Rehab Hospital of Indiana in Indianapolis, maybe next week.

Prayer Requests: Complete healing or re-routing of neural pathways and brain tissue; for the Holy Spirit to continue to prompt all of us to be on our knees for miracles! Jesus is more than able and willing to do more than we can ask or imagine! The power of prayer is amazing. Jesus is glorified.


Tony & Angie C.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Pray for Haley

Today, I am urgently requesting prayer for Haley Chaney. There was a call to prayer and fasting yesterday at church and we met in the prayer room last night to gather in prayer for Haley. We will also be meeting tonight as well.

Haley is the daughter of Angie and Tony Chaney. Tony used to pastor the youth at our church and he and his family are blessed wonderful servants of the Lord!! Pray for Haley’s healing; and for strength and comfort for the family. If you want to read about the events that led up to Haley’s hospitalization, you can click on the link provided. You can also visit Haley’s Care Page to view updates, post comments, and let the family know that you are praying for them (you‘ll have to sign up to view/comment on the page).

This is such a rough time for the community. We have had a lot of heartache and tragedy amongst our youth in this area. Just recently, William Krinn was accidentally shot and killed by one of his friends, and it really sent shockwaves throughout the area. There are just so many hurting people right now. Pray for the healing of this community and for God to bring good things out of these tragedies. We do have the assurance that “all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28). In fact, it was mentioned at the prayer meeting that the boy who accidentally shot William Krinn is now one of the people helping to comfort others who are coping with Haley’s tragedy. It was said that you would have never known that he was the same boy because only a short time before, he was so down and on suicide watch.

Also pray for Alyssa Shutt. She was the one driving when her and Haley were in the accident. Alyssa is fine, but she is understandably going through a hard time emotionally. Please pray for strength and encouragement for her and her family!

Alicia Hill read Psalm 91 last night as we prayed over members of the Shutt family - and for Haley. It’s a blessed comfort, and if you’re personally hurting as well, do what Alicia did and put your name in the Psalm and make it a prayer like she did when she prayed it for Alyssa:

Psalm 91

1 Alyssa that dwelleths in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

2Alyssa will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.

3Surely he shall deliver Alyssa from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.

4He shall cover Alyssa with his feathers, and under his wings shalt Alyssa trust: his truth shall be her shield and buckler.

5Alyssa shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day;

6Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.

7A thousand shall fall at Alyssa’s side, and ten thousand at her right hand; but it shall not come nigh Alyssa.

8Only with her eyes shalt she behold and see the reward of the wicked.

9Because Alyssa hast made the LORD, which is her refuge, even the most High, her habitation;

10There shall no evil befall Alyssa, neither shall any plague come nigh her dwelling.

11For he shall give his angels charge over Alyssa, to keep her in all thy ways.

12They shall bear Alyssa up in their hands, lest thou dash her foot against a stone.

13Alyssa shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt she trample under feet.

14Because he hath set his love upon Alyssa, therefore will I deliver her: I will set her on high, because she hath known my name.

15Alyssa shall call upon me, and I will answer her: I will be with her in trouble; I will deliver her, and honour her.

16With long life will I satisfy Alyssa, and shew her my salvation.

I am also comforted by my daily Bible reading in which I read Psalm 119 today (which, of course, is the longest chapter in the Bible). The particular verses that really spoke to me about Haley and all pain amongst us were these:

67 Before I was afflicted I went astray: but now have I kept thy word

71It is good for me that I have been afflicted; that I might learn thy statutes

77Let thy tender mercies come unto me, that I may live: for thy law is my delight

105Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path

114Thou art my hiding place and my shield: I hope in thy word

133Order my steps in thy word: and let not any iniquity have dominion over me

143Trouble and anguish have taken hold on me: yet thy commandments are my delights

153Consider mine affliction, and deliver me: for I do not forget thy law.

165Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.

Tragedy has the unique ability to bring us closer to God. So many times, when life is going good, we become prideful, arrogant, and self-sufficient and often times, it takes a tragic event to wake us up and draw us back to the Lord (just like on 9/11). Even when you ARE walking with the Lord (like the Chaneys) you still aren’t exempt from trouble. Just like with Job, he didn’t deserve all the tragedy that befell him either. But, the Lord allowed him to be tested; spared his life; and restored Him. That is what he will do with the Chaneys - and this whole community!! Whenever trouble hits, we band together in support and prayer and we overcome it by the grace of God. Therefore, I expect to see miracles!!

God will restore and heal!! God is still good, and His Word and promises will be our refuge and strength. He really is our hiding place; our shield and our hope. We will not be overtaken and dominated by iniquity. We will still give God praise and delight in him. He will remember our faithfulness and He will bring peace and healing through His own faithfulness!! Our God is a great God and a God of miracles!! He is the God of “the impossible” and I can’t wait to see what God is going to do for Haley as she is healed and restored!!

I Still Say "HUCK YEAH!!"

Tomorrow is the Wisconsin primary. As always, I am hoping and praying for a victory for Huckabee!!

I was especially encouraged to see so many on the Huckabee blogs continuing to believe and pray. I especially loved Pamm’s blog that really emphasized the importance of prayer and supporting Huckabee; a man of character and integrity (and the only one fit to lead this country). You’ll have to check that one out! It’s very moving and motivating!!
Also, I was just made aware of a petition that is encouraging John McCain to debate Mike Huckabee before his so-called nomination is set in stone. The petition states this:

“A Republican debate was scheduled to take place on February 28th, 2008. It was to be sponsored by the Ohio Republican Party. This debate has since been mysteriously cancelled. A rush to judgment has ensued following the Super Tuesday elections on February 5th in which more than 21 states held primaries or caucuses. Sen. John McCain gained an enormous advantage and squeezed out Gov. Mitt Romney. Gov. Mike Huckabee was left standing as the Party’s only other viable candidate. We believe:

1) Sen. McCain should earn the respect of the Republican base by debating Mike Huckabee in one or more formal Lincoln-Douglas style debates.

2) that failure to publicly engage Gov. Huckabee in debate before March 4th should be considered a gross attempt to grab the nomination without properly demonstrating a viable candidacy. Thus, we hereby petition Sen. McCain to accept an invitation to debate Mike Huckabee with all due haste and prove or disprove his worthiness.”

Time is crucial, so if you would, please sign this petition as soon as possible!! We still have a voice!! Let’s make it heard!! Thank you and don’t forget to pray for Mike Huckabee!!! Let’s step it up people!!!

Oh, by the way, check out this video “Huck Em All.” It totally rocks!! I loved it! CLEVER LYRICS AND RIGHT ON!!! Go, Mike, GO!! We still believe!! We’re praying for you!!!! 1.……2.……..3.…….MIKE HUCKABEE!!!!!

Thorns Will Make You Forlorn

As most of you know, I was out of town all last weekend. So, regrettably, I missed church service last Sunday. But, the good news is, I just got to listen to last week’s service online on our church website!! So, now I can write about Chad’s conclusion to the “parable of the sower” series.

Of course, the parable of the sower talks about the different types of ground (conditions of our heart) and circumstances surrounding the fruitfulness of the seeds that are sown. Seeds along the path get trampled on and birds (Satan) often take advantage of what’s there and gobble them up. Other seeds fall in the rocks and get scorched by the sun (the “Son” - persecution because of the gospel) when they spring up because they have no root. And, other seeds fall among the thorns where they are choked and stifled.

This is where Chad picks up the parable; with the thorns (Matthew 13:7 & 22; Luke 8:14). The thorns represent the worries, riches, and pleasures of life that can drain away the joy of our salvation. They don’t necessarily kill the plants that spring up; they just surround them, stifle them, and cause them to be unfruitful.

To get some further insight, Chad asked a good Christian friend of his (who also happens to be wealthy) why chasing wealth and earthly treasures is misleading. He told Chad that wealth has a way of turning “wants” into “needs” and it just becomes an upward spiral of endless achieving and attaining. He gave an example of his “want” of a boat - which he acquired. But, along with the boat came all the “needs” that came along with it. They had to get all sorts of things to go along with it, plus get a place to store it, pay for maintenance, etc. The “needs” that went along with the initial “want” just kept piling up. And, when you have more and more burdens piled up, that also brings certain amounts of “worry” along with it.

Chad’s friend also described how wealth is based on leverage and reward. You put out what you have hoping that you get more back in return. That too builds worry because you fear that you will risk losing what you have in order to acquire more. Wow!! All that worry and burden just to “get” earthly things that will rust and be destroyed? Why not work to acquire things that last; things with eternal value? Matthew 6:19-21 says: “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

So, with all those “thorns” in his friend’s life, how do you think his Christian walk is? Yeah, needless to say, his walk suffers for it. Focusing too much on the external things, rather than the internal things, will do that to you.

Chad finished up with one final illustration. I wasn’t there to actually see it, but as I heard him describe it, it really resonated with me. He talked about how we are all like a coffee cup; we are empty and waiting to be filled. Filled with what? Well, coffee of course! But, sometimes, we try to be filled with other things; things that don’t satisfy. But, when we are filled with what we are meant to be filled with (God’s Spirit - the “coffee”) we are filled and satisfied! However, sometimes, it starts being more about the “cup” than the “coffee.” We “upgrade” to a fancier cup; a bigger cup; etc. and we don’t focus so much on what is inside. The coffee is still filling us and it’s still there, but that’s not the focus anymore.

So, are we going to focus on the “coffee” or the “cup”? The best choice is obvious, but we don’t always choose it. We’re human. We can all be choked by thorns and get distracted and focused on the wrong things. But, we can get back on track and refocus ourselves once again. We CAN be the good soil; the soil that is fruitful and yields a bountiful harvest!! We don’t have to let birds, rocks, or thorns prevent us from flourishing!!

So, think about it!! If you are in one of the unfruitful soils, ask God for a transplant!! Let’s all grow together for the good of God’s Kingdom and be fruitful!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

What's It Going To Take???

Today, I would like to share an e-mail I received (regarding abortion and Planned Parenthood) from . In addition to their petition link included with their e-mail, there is also - which I have mentioned on several occasions. The funding of Planned Parenthood with OUR TAX DOLLARS HAS GOT TO STOP!!! Please read and sign the petitions - if you haven‘t already!!

Keep praying and making noise on behalf of the innocent and defenseless; and those who have been wounded by abortion and whose pain is being ignored! ABORTION HURTS EVERYONE!!! It’s a ripple effect, people!! If you think it doesn’t affect you…..think again!!! The physical, emotional, and mental pain that abortion leaves behind wounds everyone!! Don’t think so? Well, maybe you should hear the personal stories I hear. When women tell you that they they’ve been plagued by guilt and condemnation, or that they had subsequent miscarriages and trouble conceiving afterwards, or that they almost bled to death…….or that their pain gave way to depression, self-hatred, etc……you realize just how costly abortion is. Abortion takes the life of a child and robs the mother of her own life in so many ways. Some women end up even taking their own life because of the guilt and shame they feel.

So, how does their suffering translate to ours? Well, their families for one: the spouses, siblings, grandparents, and countless others that will never know the life lost. Those close to them that have to watch their women suffer inwardly and outwardly. The friends and co-workers that witness their pain and don’t know how to help. Or, maybe we suffer trauma at the hands of a hurting woman who is having a hard day of remembering what she went through and takes it out on someone else as a result.

Our society continues to weather down as we experience the traumatic aftershocks. When will we put an end to this madness and begin to heal? Haven’t we paid enough?? I am so saddened that I have to hear so many women tell me “I didn’t know. I wish someone had told me” when they express their regrets. Many of these women were pressured and deceived into thinking that abortion was their only answer and were captivated by fear and led to do something that they would forever regret. Shouldn’t we be there for them? Shouldn’t we be protecting them from this pain? How do we do that? Well, prayer for one….and activism for another. We have got to keep fighting against this as well as being there for those who need us so they don‘t have to go through their pregnancy alone!!!

There is so much more that I could say, but I don’t know what it takes to convince a person to be moved to action. If you aren’t convinced already, what’s it going to take? Do you need to see pictures? **WARNING** VERY GRAPHIC!! Do you need to read about a woman who said her baby tried to “get away” while the “doctor” was performing her abortion? Do you need to meet one of my friends who has suffered through this? Or, do you need to meet a woman who was about to have an abortion but thankfully changed her mind? What’s it going to take?

Let’s keep praying and doing all we can!!! I will continue blogging for life and for those who can’t speak for themselves; as well as my precious friends who have gone through such unspeakable pain and aren’t willing that any more women and families should be victimized!! I do this for you!!! I LOVE YOU!! You are NOT forgotten!!


They boast of being the world's largest provider of abortions- performing a record 264,943 during the fiscal year 2006-2007. Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) is considered a "non-profit" organization that annually siphons more than a quarter-billion dollars in U.S. taxpayer money...

Considered a non-profit, it nevertheless makes huge profits- building a surplus of more than $350 million while operating under their own set of rules, unaccountable to the rules and regulations governing other non-profits...

But that's only the tip of the iceberg. Sens. Brownback and Vitter are calling for the suspension of federal funding of abortion following a complaint in a Kansas district court accused PPFA of performing illegal late-term abortions, falsifying documents and failure to comply with medical reporting requirements.

And that's not all.

Knowledge that PPFA has also been involved in a complicated baby body parts scandal--selling intact body parts, tissues, organs and the remains of aborted infants to researchers has also come to light...

And the most heinous part of all? Your tax dollars are helping to fund and even expand this kind of barbaric and grotesque genocide!

The time is now to demand that your tax dollars never be given to organizations that promote abortion! Click here to learn more:

+ + $300 million for 264,943 abortions in 2005-2006

What makes these numbers even more chilling is that PPFA an organization claiming to offer a host of family planning services, failed to make one adoption referral during that time!

There is nothing family friendly about PPFA. This is corporation whose murderous abortion agenda is being subsidized by your tax dollars!

+ + 30 Days to Make an Impact

Grassfire has just launched a national petition demanding an end to Tax Dollar Support of Abortion, and we are asking ALL members of our Pro-life team to sign by clicking here:

Over the next 30 days we expect to rally 200,000 Pro-life signatures that will be presented to key members of Congress!

Please take a moment to add your name to this important petition, and then alert your friends to this vital Grassfire effort to stop Taxpayer Support of Abortion!

Friday, February 15, 2008

It Phases Me Not!!! I Still Believe!!!

I’m sure you have all heard the news that Romney endorsed John McCain and allocated his delegates to him. It makes me thoroughly sick, but then again, it’s Romney we are talking about. He wouldn’t know a good candidate if it hit him in the face (that’s not an invitation for Huckabee to do so either!! LOL). Also, my husband told me that George H.W. Bush plans on endorsing him as well - maybe he already has (I haven’t heard). Again, another sickening turn of events; but it’s to be expected considering that he’s the media‘s so-named “front runner.”

However, none of this is deterring my man Huckabee!!! He is still keeping the faith because we, his supporters, are keeping it too!!! In the short clip provided (thanks, Phil, for sending it my way - I needed that!!), Mike Huckabee articulates brilliantly why he is still running in this race. I must say, it brought tears to my eyes because it was like he was talking directly to me. He spoke of not letting his supporters down and giving other states the opportunity to have their voices heard and not being told who their nominee is until they have had a chance to speak (that means especially much to me considering that Indiana hasn’t had its primaries yet!!). He also spoke of the passion, dedication, and sacrifices of his supporters and those giving sacrificially of their time and money to keep him going. He said our encouragement is what is motivating him to keep going on. It truly blessed my heart and made me cry because I am one of those people that he spoke of (well, not by name…..but still!!). We have given sacrificially of our time and money; and have poured our whole-hearted support into this campaign. We are not willing that it should die!! It will NEVER die so long as I still have a voice - ha ha… know me!! ;) Like I said before, I will write-in my vote before I would ever vote for anyone else!!! Oh how I would LOVE to see Mike Huckabee win on write-in votes alone - if it came to that!! LOL Wouldn’t the media just drop over dead?!! Ha ha!!

Anyways, let’s keep the faith alive everyone!!! I know I will!!! Here’s my shout out…….1.….2.……3.…….MIKE HUCKABEEEEEEE!!!!! WOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!! YEAH!!!!!!! HUCKAGIRL ALL THE WAY BABY!!!! I’M KEEPING THE FAITH AND PRAYING HARD!!!! DON’T GIVE UP MIKE!!!!! WE NEED YOU!!!!

UPDATE!!! YouTube Responds!!

Guess what everyone??!! Soon after bloggers everywhere (including yours truly!) posted the news on YouTube’s ban of ALL’s video report, YouTube responded!! Please read the report below after you watch ALL’s newest video report - on YOUTUBE!!! ;) I trust they won’t be censored anymore!! Praise God!!! We are making a difference!! Thanks to all who signed the petition as well!! ;) I know of at least ONE who did!! Yep, that would be you, Scott!! Thanks bro!! (Oh, and FYI everyone, you have GOT to see his awesome blog entry in which he includes a horrid animated advertisement for Planned Parenthood. It‘s ridiculous and INSANE!! Hopefully, those of you still not familiar with the agenda of Planned Parenthood will understand them a little bit better after watching the video and reading Scott‘s brilliant commentary - it‘s what I would have said if I had posted it myself!! WAY TO GO SCOTT!!!)

Anyways, here is ALL’s Latest Video Report!! You’ll love this one, because it shows footage of the March for Life and young people speaking out!! The pro-life culture is on the move and as referenced, more and more young people are taking a more active role!! Praise God!! And, thankfully, Planned Parenthood’s million dollar profits (earned through abortion) are being hit hard!! (The video has all the details). They really are all about making money; not about YOUR health. If it were about YOUR health, they wouldn’t be killing children and scarring women mentally, physically, and emotionally or life.

We have GOT to keep speaking up and stepping out to defend life!! It’s about time that we reject their “health services” which promote promiscuity, kill our children, and murder the spirits of women everywhere when the life inside them dies. Let’s stop the suffering!!! Let’s shine the truth on the lies and agenda of Planned Parenthood!! America has paid enough!! It’s time for awareness, action, and healing!!!


Censored Video Restored After Objections from Pro-Life Media and Supporters

Washington, D.C. (14 February 2008) – After numerous articles and pressure from Catholic and online media, Google-sponsored YouTube cited a “technical malfunction” as the reason American Life League’s pro-life video was censored by YouTube staff.

"Once word got out that YouTube had allowed the Planned Parenthood ads our report was based on to remain on their site, while at the same time censoring our report, a flurry of e-mails, blog posts, and complaints from the pro-life community pressured YouTube into reversing their decision," said Jim Sedlak, vice president of American Life League.

The original notification e-mail sent to American Life League by YouTube reads, "After being flagged by members of the YouTube community and reviewed by YouTube staff, the video below has been removed due to its inappropriate nature."

Three days later, American Life League received a second e-mail that said:

"This email is to inform you that a video was recently removed from your account due to a technical malfunction. The issue has since been remedied and we appologize (sic) for any inconvenience or distress this may have caused. The following video(s) have been reinstated and your account has not been penalized."

According to YouTube's user guide:

"When a video gets flagged as inappropriate, we review the video to determine whether it violates our Terms of Use—flagged videos are not automatically taken down by the system. If we remove your video after reviewing it, you can assume that we removed it purposefully, and you should take our warning notification seriously."

Praising the YouTube decision, Sedlak commented “We are pleased that YouTube has reversed their decision to remove our video. Our ALL News Report was neither objectionable nor inappropriate. While it is unfortunate that YouTube chose this tactic in the first place, it is encouraging to note that they corrected their poor decision in a timely fashion.”

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pray hard; stand strong; and BELIEVE!!!

Dear Friends,

I was made aware of this blog composed by Lou Engle; who is the one who organizes and leads “The Call.” As many of you may remember, I was at “The Call” in Nashville on 07/07/07 - which was also my 25th birthday. ;) It was a day that I will never forget!!

To refresh your memory, we were in prayer all day. We prayed, among many things, for an end to abortion and for God to forgive us for allowing this to happen and to heal our people and our land. Not one more woman or child should have to suffer!!

That is one of the many reasons I endorse Mike Huckabee. This is also why Lou Engle endorses him as well and why Dr. Dobson has too (though I wish he would have done so a looooooong time ago!!!).

Anyways, I am posting Lou Engle‘s statements. I totally agree with him!! I will write-in my vote for Huckabee if it comes to that!!! (Or, if Mike Huckabee is forced to run independently, I pray that we will all back him up in that case. No matter what, he gets my vote and no one else. PERIOD!!) I will NEVER vote for McCain!!!

I will keep believing for miracles!! It isn’t over yet!! Mike Huckabee is going to keep going on in this race!! He isn’t giving up and neither are we!!! In fact, Mike Huckabee said in his e-mail today: “I am truly humbled by the faith you have placed in me and reinvigorated for the race ahead. I have heard you clearly and we will not stop. We will keep fighting for our ideas and we will push our Party to do better.”

AMEN!!! Don’t stop believing everyone!!! And please, if you can, PLEASE donate to his campaign!! My offer still stands; I will write a limerick as a tribute to anyone who donates when they use my ranger code to do so at R10165. God bless you everyone!! KEEP PRAYING HARD FOR MIKE!!!!

In his own words - Lou Engle:

I am speaking now for my own personal perspective and not from any ministry I lead.

This past several weeks I posted a video stating that I could never voted for John McCain because he had voted for the funding of embryonic stem cell research. I have made a vow that I would not be a participant in either the shedding of innocent blood or in the taking of any life at any stage. It is my conviction that fertilized embryos are living cells. As we know, today there are walking living human beings that were once embryonic stem cells that could have been killed for research purposes. I have received some excellent feedback both for and against concerning my video. One of the arguments against my stand is that science has now found a procedure that makes embryonic stem cell research a moot point. Therefore they say McCain will not have to face this issue according to this argument. Major Catholic leaders have come out and now endorse John McCain because of this supposedly closed issue. Because of this, I have withdrawn the video because I don’t believe that I could lay my convictions on others who will be faced with a major decision on whether their conscience could allow them to vote for McCain.

As for me, and not my ministry, I remain steadfast in my earlier conviction that I cannot vote for John McCain. I would like to include a part of James Dobson’s statement concerning McCain because there are obviously other issues involved. You may ask me, “Shouldn’t we vote for McCain because he is certainly better than Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama?” My answer is maybe you should, but I have been praying that God would drive the abortion issue like a wedge into this nation. Why should I take the wedge out by softening my stand? If the church came out in mass and united behind a true pro-life candidate, like Mike Huckabee, it would forever make a statement to the Republican Party that we are not yours we are God’s. Maybe it would be better to lose an election than to have another Missouri Compromise that keeps dumbing down the issue and will eventually bring us to divine judgment because we have ceased to become the conscience of the nation. What is better, a compromising Zedekiah, or a hostile Nebuchadnezzer? God was able to do more with the pagan king Nebuchadnezzer than he could with the compromising king of Judah. Maybe our thinking is all humanistic and we believe in politics more than the power of prayer.

Many of you have read my article on the five loaves and two fish candidate. You can read it again on my blog. I believe that the sudden surge of Huckabee and his confession that it was because of the prayers of the saints, could have been a sign and a test for the body of Christ to see whether or not we had eyes to see what we have been praying for, for so long. The brown bag container may have been just too much for us, and we stumbled over the simplicity of the voice. Here is a man, Mike Huckabee, that has stood for both a federal human life amendment and a federal marriage amendment arguing the brilliant case that to drive the issues to the states like John McCain would want to, is to make morality geographical. That is what slavery was! But no- we opted out and took the lie of elect-ability. There was no clear prophetic clarity in the body of Christ and so we settle for that which can neither give us a true plumb line of righteousness or a measuring line of justice and we perpetrate the ongoing moral confusion that threatens to drown this nation and bring about a complete collapse of character. (I am deeply concerned about the immigration issue and am praying that Huckabee would take much more of a compassionate stand for illegal immigrants. Still my stand of conscience is upon the foundations of life and marriage.)

But it is not over; the word was that if the church would pray the next president would come in a brown bag and his five loaves and two fish would be more than enough. Mitt Romney has dropped out of the race. If the church would rise up with one voice in prayer and in voting a Godly man whom I have had the privilege to personally spend time with now and who stands on the values of marriage and life upon which civilizations rise and fall could still be elected. And even yet if we pray God may do other things that no one could have expected. For He raises up kings and He brings them down. So I lay before you my convictions but I don’t lay them upon you. But here I stand I can do no other.

For America,

Lou Engle

Statement made by James Dobson on February 5, 2008:

"I'm deeply disappointed the Republican Party seems poised to select a nominee who did not support a constitutional amendment to protect the institution of marriage, who voted for embryonic stem cell research to kill nascent human beings, who opposed tax cuts that ended the marriage penalty, and who has little regard for freedom of speech, who organized the Gang of 14 to preserve filibusters, and has a legendary temper and often uses foul and obscene language… I cannot, and will not, vote for Sen. John McCain, as a matter of conscience.”

"But what a sad and melancholy decision this is for me and many other conservatives. Should Sen. McCain capture the nomination as many assume, I believe this general election will offer the worst choices for president in my lifetime. I certainly can't vote for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama based on their virulently anti-family policy positions. If these are the nominees in November, I simply will not cast a ballot for president for the first time in my life. These decisions are my personal views and do not represent the organization with which I am affiliated. They do reflect my deeply held convictions about the institution of the family, about moral and spiritual beliefs, and about the welfare of our country."

James Dobson’s endorsement of Huckabee on February 7, 2008:

“The remaining candidate for whom I could vote is Governor Huckabee,” Dobson said. “His unwavering positions on the social issues, notably the institution of marriage, the importance of faith and the sanctity of human life, resonate deeply with me and with many others … Obviously, the governor faces an uphill struggle, given the delegates already committed to Senator McCain. Nevertheless, I believe he is our best remaining choice for president of the United States.”

Lou Engle’s final statement:

“I have heard such scathing comments against James Dobson from the body of Christ for his stand. Be careful you may be among those who stone the prophets. The great abolitionist heroes of the past were not known nor are now heralded by history for their political equivocation.”

You Tube Censors American Life League

Here is an update I got from American Life League. It has to do with the last report which dealt with Planned Parenthood’s grotesque “Mile High” ad. Apparently, YouTube censored ALL’s report, but yet, not Planned Parenthood ad itself. Feel free to watch the censored video for yourself.

Please read the report below and click on the links for more information. Also, consider signing the censorship petition. I was the first to sign it. ;)


Censors Video Criticizing Planned Parenthood TV Ad For Containing “Inappropriate” Content While Original PP:GG Content Remains on YouTube

Washington, D.C. (11 February 2008) – “It is outrageous that YouTube would black-out our video warning the public about a Planned Parenthood sex video while it continues to carry the original Planned Parenthood video,” said Jim Sedlak, vice president of American Life League.
The “inappropriate nature” cited by YouTube management is the very same centerpiece of a publicly aired Planned Parenthood television advertising campaign which is still being hosted by YouTube as of Monday afternoon and has not been flagged.

“Such duplicitous acts cannot go unchallenged. We’ve let them know we will not be silent. We have already filed a complaint with the online service and will do whatever we can to see that this discriminatory action is overturned by YouTube,” said Judie Brown, President of American Life League.

“Ironically, if there was anything inappropriate in our report it came from Planned Parenthood’s ads. Yet, their video remains while ours is removed,” stated Sedlak.

Sedlak continued, “Our concern is that Planned Parenthood’s attack dogs flagged our video to hide the truth, and then YouTube caved to pressure. Sadly, at a time when many young people are embracing YouTube as a place where they can get the truth, it seems YouTube has its own bias and is not afraid to censor the truth about Planned Parenthood.”

The Planned Parenthood campaigns are criticized by many parents as a faulty argument that only encourages promiscuity and unhealthy relationships that often times lead to the tragedy of an abortion.

The e-mail sent to American Life League by Google-sponsored YouTube reads, "After being flagged by members of the YouTube community and reviewed by YouTube staff, the video below has been removed due to its inappropriate nature.”

“I guess you can’t criticize Planned Parenthood on YouTube,” Sedlak concluded.


· American Life League’s “Planned Parenthood Sells Sex” report
· Planned Parenthood “Safe Skies” advertisement hosted via YouTube
· “Internet Vulnerable to Free Speech Issues,” Politico, May 9th 2007
· “A Slippery Slope of Censorship at YouTube,” New York Times, October 9th, 2006
· “YouTube Blocked Video Mocking Clinton Administration,” WorldNetDaily, October 12th, 2006
· “YouTube Censors Anti-Dem ‘Scary Movie’ Commercial”, Newsbusters, October 10th, 2006

Monday, February 11, 2008

A Weekend To Remember: Day 3

Sunday was a remarkable culmination to all of the events of the weekend!! Even though we were tired from being on the go so much, we still managed to have the energy to brave the events of the day.

We checked out of our hotel and drove to the mall where myself and fifteen other girls met at Torrid to prepare for the fashion show. We all gathered around and listened as Jama (one of the store employees) explained why these fashion shows mean so much to her. Aside from the fact that it’s fun and brings exposure and revenue for the store, Jama has a greater reason for organizing these events. She and one of her friends had once tried out for modeling and her friend, who was a size 2-4, was told to lose weight. Well, that sent her into a tragic downward spiral to where she was basically living off of microwave popcorn and water (as Jama put it). It brought tears to my eyes as she explained how terribly thin her friend got. She was always trying to lose “just five more pounds.“ She said that her friend ended up killing herself because, as she stated in her suicide note, all she saw in the mirror was an “ugly fat girl.” How heartbreaking!! There is no reason why this girl had to feel so bad about herself!! She was beautiful just the way she was!! But, because of the cold and vain comments of the superficial “you gotta be thin to be beautiful” world, it shattered her confidence and self-esteem!! My friends, that is awful and senseless!! It angers me that our society is so petty as to put down others to the point where they would hate themselves so much as to take their own life!! It’s about time that the world stops putting so much emphasis on weight and external beauty!! A society that continues to place value and worth on superficial things will forever be discontent, shallow, and unfulfilled!! This madness has got to stop!! That is why Jama works so hard to encourage girls to just be who they are so that they will be “one less”; ONE LESS woman who feels badly about herself and ONE MORE woman who feels beautiful and confident about who she is and not the number on a tag of a garment or on the scale!!

So, after Jama’s inspiring and tear provoking speech, we set out to get our outfits ready so we could proudly display to the viewers of the fashion show that even though we aren’t stick figures, we are beautiful and confident women. We are beautiful women created in the image of God and His love and light is in our hearts and radiates outwardly. The love of Christ, and knowing that we are His beloved, cherished, and beautiful daughters (His PRINCESSES), is what gives us worth, meaning, and TRUE BEAUTY!!! (“True Beauty” hmmmmm, reminds me of a song by Mandisa. ;) Check that one out!!).

So, after we put together all of our clothes, accessories, and shoes, we practiced our “walks”. Man, I am telling you, we got some super-fine gorgeous girls with lots of flair and unique personalities!! They are truly fabulous and I am proud of every single one of them!! I am grateful for the opportunity to have gotten to know the majority of them, talk to them, and laugh with them!! Another girl read my thoughts when she commented on the fact that we were all having fun and getting along. I guess she assumed, as I sort of did, that we would all be super competitive and jealous of each other (as portrayed in the media). But, NOT SO! We were all respectful and sweet; not to mention mature! It was great to be ourselves and feel comfortable with each other so quickly!! I truly enjoyed being around all of them and sharing the experience with everyone. And, the day only got better from then on!!

One of the models, Amanda, owns the salon “The Surface” (which she later explained to me that it was so named because they want to bring the inner beauty to “the surface”). Her salon was one of the sponsors for the fashion show and they graciously did the hair and make-up for all of us!! The salon is just beautiful and very welcoming and the staff was just great!!

So, after I got my hair and make-up done, I went back to the mall to meet a few of my friends and go shopping before it was time to go back to Torrid to get ready for the show!!

As we gathered together, we were just wowed by how amazing everyone looked!! Amanda and her staff had done a really great job bringing that beauty to the surface!! ;) Then, we all got the store ready and set up for the show and put our first outfits on. Before the show, we all joined hands and prayed together (oh yeah, I TOTALLY loved that!!). I just couldn’t have asked for a greater group of women who had their focus in the right place!! And, Jama once again inspired us by telling us all that we were definitely “one less” and that: “You aren’t beautiful despite your size, but BECAUSE of your size!” That statement resonated with every single woman and all of them were saying, “That’s good!! I’ll remember that!”

So, with that in mind, we nervously (but confidently! LOL) did our thing as we worked the runway and a packed room full of people!! Many of my family and friends were there to cheer me on; as well as enthusiastic strangers who told me to, “Work it, Melissa! Work it!“ LOL
After we “worked it” we met the representatives from the modeling agency, did some shopping, and then, the “top model” and the runners up of the fashion show was announced. And no, I didn’t win. ;) Well, not in the way you are thinking anyways!! I didn’t win the tiara, trophy, gift basket and audition with the modeling agency, but I won in many other ways!! One being that I now have a greater wealth of friends (don‘t worry Terra - you are still my bestest LOL Forever and always!). I value and treasure that more than any tiara or trophy that will rust away and be forgotten. True treasures never fade away!! ;) Yeah, yeah, I know, I know. You’re like “you wouldn’t be saying that if you won!” Well, sure, if I had won, I would have been excited - but, I know what TRUE treasure is!! I would have likely been one to want to share the whole thing with my girls; making sure they all had their picture taken with it, and then dedicate it back to the store or something. LOL I don’t know. There’s no way to know what “might have been” because it didn’t happen that way. All I know is that we ALL truly did win!! Everyone did fantastic and we all shone like stars!!

Well, that’s the end of my amazing weekend!! If you want to see pictures of everything, please visit the link provided. Also, be sure to check out my You Tube play list that I put together. It’s clips of my runway walks (minus the first one because Mitch was just learning to work the camera) as well as our final walk together and the announcement of the winners. I hope you enjoy the pictures and videos!! God bless you all!!

A Weekend To Remember: Day 2

Saturday began day two of my eventful weekend. Mitch and I went to a legislative action forum at Concordia Theological Seminary early in the morning. Indiana state senator David Long and representatives Randy Borror and Matt Bell were in attendance as well as Congressman Mark Souder. Senator Dennis Kruse arrived late to the forum where he made a few comments before he had to leave again.

The purpose of the forum was to educate and inform those in attendance about the pro-life legislation in Indiana as well as updates on progress. I won’t go into deep detail, but I will say we have some very fine men representing pro-life values!! Praise God for their dedication and commitment!! And, even though these men aren’t my personal local representatives, I sure do appreciate their leadership!! I appreciate that they took the time to meet with so many of us and that they take the time to assist in the mission of the Allen County Right to Life. Keep them in your prayers!

And, speaking of prayer, it is worth mentioning that my own state senator, David Ford, is currently battling cancer. It doesn’t look good, but he is doing much better than expected. Your prayers for yet another wonderful pro-life representative are needed!!

This meeting was a call to action. And, as evidenced here, being involved at a local level is vitally important!! If progress can be made at a local and state level, it paves the way for changes nationally. Therefore, it’s imperative that we get involved!! The men at the forum made it very clear that they want to hear from us and that they want our input and encouragement as well. So, make your voices heard!! That is what they are there for!! We need to let our strong convictions be a motivating force that leads us to action; and pray that our witness will inspire others to get involved as well!!

After the forum, I had a few other events of the day. Though, one in particular, I cannot publicly disclose at this point. Though, I will ask if I could please have your prayers for a certain unnamed request. It’s of great importance. When the time is right, I will be sure to share what this is all about, but I won’t be able to do so without your prayers!! The more you pray, the sooner the answers will come and when they do, THEN I will be able to share what the fruit of your prayers have done!!

Aside from my unnamed event, I have a couple more eventful things that I want to share. One being that I met one of the members of the Fort Wayne Sparkpeople group!! We met at the Olive Garden and had a great time talking and fellowshipping!! I look forward to meeting her again and to meeting others in the group!!

Well, day two rounded out well with a quick swim at the hotel pool (and I mean REALLY quick because the water was fairly cold!! LOL). Then, we went back to our room to watch the results of the primary voting. I was pleasantly unsurprised by Mike Huckabee’s victories. The media still didn’t see that one coming; even after all this time. LOL It’s rather humorous. Ha ha. Although, the way things are turning out so far, it still has people scoffing about Huckabee’s chances. Even Mark Souder sounded rather pessimistic at the forum earlier in the day when the election came up. He even said that he and others “can’t stand Huckabee.” I was surprised and disappointed by that, but what can you expect from a Washington politician? Regardless, however, Mark Souder has my respect. And, it motivated me all the more to support Huckabee no matter what!! My faith is stronger than their politics!! I’m a huck of a believer!! In fact, when I was getting my hair done for the banquet, there was a fellow who came in asking who’s “Huckabee Van” was out there (our van has bumper stickers and chalk paint all over it!). I proudly raised my hand and said, “MINE!“ I asked him if he was a supporter too and he said he was not. He said he was actually a supporter of Ron Paul and thought he was rather supportive; but after seeing my van, he realized what a true supporter was. Wow!! What a compliment!! It made me feel a little bad for laughing at him; though I had apologized for doing so. LOL Sorry, I couldn‘t help it. The very mention of Ron Paul makes me laugh. (Ok, I know there are people reading that may support Ron Paul - or some other candidate - and that’s ok. If you hate me for my political views, that’s fine. We are all entitled to believe what we want to and respectfully disagree without any harsh words or foul language. You all know how die-hard I am about Huckabee, by now).

Anyways, no one even thought Mike Huckabee would get this far; but he has!! And, there are those that still think that he doesn’t have a chance; but he DOES!! He is proving that time after time - especially now that Romney is out and Dr. Dobson has finally endorsed Mike Huckabee. These are HUGE answers to prayer that I had been praying for, as a matter of fact, and seeing God’s answers to my prayers is very encouraging to me!! God is great and He can make anything happen!! I believe in miracles and if that makes me naïve and foolish then so be it!! I’ll believe even when things don’t make sense!! After all, we know that God uses the foolish to shame the wise (1 Corinthians 1:27). So, if Mark Souder and others in the forum think I am a young naïve little “kid” so be it. I’m going to believe and support Mike Huckabee anyways; because it’s the right thing to do as a Christian.

Anyways, that was the end of the day on Saturday. I was disappointed by the fact that even though Mike Huckabee won Louisiana, he doesn’t even get the delegates since he didn’t get a 50% or better majority. (Yeah, and we all know why!! Same situation as was in South Carolina!!). They go “uncommitted” to the convention. Bummer! Well, at least he gets Kansas!!

I’ll remain hopeful and a die-hard Huckagirl no matter what!! There is always hope!!

A Weekend To Remember: Day 1

Well, I have returned; and I have MUCH to talk about!! This was a weekend that I will never forget!! A LOT happened and I will break it down day by day in three blogs! So, I will begin by talking about day one: Friday.

As many of you know, the “Renew Your Vows Banquet” (sponsored by Christian radio station Star 88.3) was Friday. I went to my friend’s salon to get my hair trimmed and styled. While I was there, there was a girl with very long hair preparing to get a major haircut so that she could donate it. This was something I have always wanted to do as well. In fact, a guy at church commented on how long my hair was getting and suggested that I donate it when I got my hair trimmed for the banquet. I had thought that my hair wasn’t long enough to donate, but figured maybe it would be the next time - as I continued to let it grow. However, Jenny said that I had plenty there to donate and so I thought, “ok, why not?!” So, I DID IT!! I’m not one that likes to have short hair, but it was worth it. I may miss having my long hair, but there is someone out there who misses their hair even more. Therefore, I am happy to part with mine.

So, after that, I got all dressed up and Mitch and I said good-bye to our kids at my Dad’s house (the whole weekend without the kids! Oh boy! LOL) and we left for Fort Wayne!! We checked into our hotel, and then went to the banquet.

When Mitch and I arrived at the banquet, the Star 88.3 staff made us feel so welcome and they were so complimentary and kind and made me feel special. They even took pictures of us (for the website I was told - though I don’t see where they have posted any pictures) and Melissa Montana later commented to us that we were like “the couple of the night” and said I looked like homecoming queen. LOL That was really touching to me, because I really did feel like a princess and that night meant a lot to me!!

The evening was a beautiful celebration of love and commitment to our spouses. Lots of couples and pastors were in attendance. We even seen other couples we knew. In fact, our friends, Tom and Patrice Felger - the founders of The House of Hope of Northeastern Indiana - were there! And, interestingly enough, Tom and Patrice had even gone to Jenny’s salon earlier in the day. (In fact, Patrice was there as I was getting my hair done!).

The banquet was a sold out event!! Some of the couples had even attended last year’s banquet. There were couples of all ages and stages. Some had been married for 40 years or more. And, there were even some newlyweds!! The youngest newlywed couple had only been married since New Year’s! How precious!

When it came time to renew our vows, two of the pastors described how we were such a witness to the world. In a culture full of divorce, we were examples that marriage could be successfully done. Every marriage has its problems, but like they explained, if it’s a marriage of a three strand rope (God, husband, and wife) it’s not easily broken. Boy do we ever know that!! I praise God for holding us together because there were so many times where we could have broken apart. But, because of that strand of God, we are making it!! Nevertheless, the rivers of tears effortlessly flowed down my face as I gazed into my husband’s eyes and seen the love, commitment, and sincerity in his heart as he spoke his vows of love to me. And, I cried once again as I echoed them back; much like I did originally on our wedding day. LOL I’m so mushy!! I can never get through something so emotional without crying!! Ha ha.

In addition to the tender-hearted moments, the concert by Natalie Grant was equally touching and enjoyable!! She sang and shared some stories and she even made her new CD available to everyone!! It doesn’t officially get released until tomorrow, but we had the privilege of being the first to purchase it early. ;) We got both of her albums at a discount. I just LOVE her music!! She has such a beautiful voice and a beautiful heart. Check out her website and/or myspace. Some of her most well-known songs are “Held” and “The Real Me” (two of my personal favorites).

Well, that concludes my synopsis of day one!! Be sure to read my blogs on the other two days as well!! It just kept getting better and better!! If you want to see pictures and video of the weekend, be sure to read blog three in which I included a picture album link as well as my You Tube video playlist!

Friday, February 8, 2008

This Just Keeps Getting Better!!! :)

Some of you may know by now that Mitt Romney has now dropped out of the race!! Praise God!!! When I heard the news, I screamed with glee and gave praise to God!! It’s yet another answer to prayer!!

But wait!! It gets better…….

The next best possible thing that could have happened finally did!! DR. DOBSON OF FOCUS ON THE FAMILY IS NOW ENDORSING MIKE HUCKABEE!!!! OH YEAH!!! WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS ONE!!!!!!! PRAISE GOD!! The only thing I’m thinking, though, is “Yeah, it’s about time!!! If only he could have endorsed him sooner!! If he had, Huckabee could have had a lot better momentum and support and would have won a lot more delegates, I’m sure! Well, better late than never, right?? Of course, I think given the fact that Dr. Dobson has long since said he would never vote for John McCain, and the fact that Romney is a Mormon, that would have made it a no-brainer for him to support Huckabee and endorse him right from the start. Anyways, ’m just thankful that he has finally done so!!!

So, aside from the Biblical reasons to vote and support godly leadership - as emphasized perfectly in one of my friend’s blogs - Christians have more assurance and motivation to back Huckabee. Given that Dr. Dobson’s wisdom and influence is so powerful, this will be a great boost to the campaign and a big help for those that look to Dr. Dobson for guidance in making up their minds.

Also, here’s a heads up from another one of my friend’s blogs that clearly articulates some interesting points about the media, their agenda, and their role in the whole election scheme. ;) I think you will find it very enlightening!! Kudos to my new friend, fellow Hoosier, and Huckabee supporter for writing it!! ;)

Well, that’s the scoop for now!! I got to get going. I have a big weekend ahead of me (as explained in my earlier blog!). I pray you all have a blessed weekend!! I will have lots to talk about on Monday and plenty of pictures etc. to share!! Oh, and don’t forget to vote for Mike Huckabee if you are in one of the states having a primary tomorrow!!! Be a “Huck” of a believer!! ;) This Huckagirl has always believed, and will continue believing and praying for Huckabee to be our next commander in chief!! KEEP ON PRAYING AND KEEPING THE FAITH!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND GOD BLESS MIKE HUCKABEE!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

This Is Going To Be An Eventful Weekend!!

Well, I’m ready for an eventful weekend!! Tomorrow is the official kickoff to the whirlwind of events!!

Tomorrow, I will be getting a manicure and pedicure (a RARE treat that I am really looking forward to!) in preparation for the events of this weekend. Friday, I will be getting my hair trimmed and specially done up and then, my husband and I will be taking our kids to spend the weekend with their grandparents while we have a special weekend away!! (Thank you God!! A break!! LOL)

We are dressing up in formal wear and going to the “Renew Your Vows Banquet” at the Marquis Ballroom of the Marriott Hotel which is sponsored by a local Christian radio station. We will be having dinner and renewing our vows amongst many other couples. We will also have our picture taken and be enjoying a private concert by Natalie Grant. We have been looking forward to this for WEEKS!! It’s something that we have personally needed for a long time because as you may know, marriage is hard work!! We have had a lot of ups and downs and this event will be a great boost to our relationship. It will also be especially nice to create some new memories because a lot of things about our original wedding day was stressful and less than ideal; one of those things being the fact that I was overweight and felt like a cow!! Now that I have lost 45 pounds (and falling!) I am ready to look like a princess and have a new beginning!! We had originally planned on renewing our vows (and including our children in the ceremony) when we hit our ten year anniversary in 2011 - which we still will!. However, we felt this would be a great thing to do in the meantime. ;)

But the festivities don’t stop there!! Saturday morning, Mitch and I will be going to a special pro-life legislative forum meeting. Mark Souder will be there; as well as many other political representatives. I am looking forward to that; as well as to some other special things connected with that that I can’t currently disclose right now (but I hope to in the future!). If you would, please be in prayer for a certain “unnamed request.” ;)

Then, after that, I will be meeting with some of my weight-loss friends from one of my groups!! I am really looking forward to meeting them!! It will be the first time any of us have gotten together!!

And, of course, that Saturday is also another day for voting in the primaries if you are in one of the states that is doing so. If you are in Kansas, Louisiana, or Washington, PLEASE be sure to get out and vote (and vote for Mike Huckabee!!).

But wait!! I’m not done yet!! LOL Oh my gosh, you’re thinking, “there’s MORE??!!” Oh yes, there’s MORE!! LOL On SUNDAY, I will have to get up early to go to the store, Torrid, at the mall in order to get ready for the fashion show that I was chosen to model in. I have NEVER done this before, and I am very excited!! The store is also sending all its models to a very upscale salon to get their hair and make-up done and I am really excited about that!! You don’t get an expensive treat like that (and for FREE!) every day!!

So, later that evening, I will be modeling in that fashion show and whichever model gets the most votes for “top model” will get an audition with the modeling scouts. So, I have several people that will be showing up and giving me some votes; but winning or not winning doesn’t make much of a difference to me. I’m just thrilled to participate and that I was chosen to do so! The fact that I even came across this was purely accidental (or maybe God planned it for a reason that I am not yet aware of - who knows!!). I just happened to be at the store the day they were interviewing for it and thought “sure, why not?” So, out of 40-50 girls, I was one of the 15 chosen to participate. I was especially delighted because when I was being interviewed, I was very upfront about my faith and that I dress modestly and tastefully and that God’s love is what makes me beautiful inside and out. I said that every woman is a beautiful and wonderful created child of God. So, I am especially proud to be a beautiful God-created woman modeling true beauty for all to see!! I hope that all will see the light of Christ in my eyes; which is what brings a radiant smile to my face, joy to my heart, and ignites my confidence. I pray that I gracefully embody the concept that no matter what size you are - big or small - you are beautiful and God loves you!! You don’t have to be a stick figure to be beautiful!!

So, considering the fact that I will be gone all weekend, I will not be online for a few days. So, you will get a weekend away from me as well. LOL Though, those closest to me have my cell-phone if they need me and want to call me (you know I’m always there for ya!!). Others of you, I will just get back to you when I get back online on Monday!! I will then update everyone on how everything went and share plenty of pictures and video clips. In fact, I have a personal video to share with you right now!! I got a new digital camera for Christmas - which also has a video function. So, in an effort to test it out, I made a short video of my daughter Gianna - my little diva!! LOL I hope you like it!! And, while you’re at it, check out the video of Gianna Jessen (whom we named our daughter after). I pray you will be blessed by her story!! See you later everyone!! God bless you all!!