Friday, June 19, 2009

The REAL Motivator of the Day!

I’m interrupting my regular scheduled blogging about the mission trip for a special announcement………

Today, I was greatly surprised and perplexed to see in my gmail inbox that I had 42 new spark page comments and several new friend requests (and the notifications keep on coming!). Plus, I had already answered some spark mail from some new people, and I hadn’t yet been clued into why there was such a surge in new friends and tons of comments (though I was more than happy for the new fellowship!). I thought that maybe a bunch of people had been reading the blogs about last week’s mission trip and was welcoming me home or something lol. I honestly didn’t have any idea what was going on!

Then, I started reading all the comments; the outpouring of love and congratulations from friends both familiar and new. Apparently, I am the “motivator of the day”. I couldn’t believe it! Wow!!

So, from the depths of my heart, I humbly thank all of you for all your kind words! I don’t think I’ve ever received such a profuse amount of encouragement all at once!! I’m touched, humbled, thankful, and absolutely overwhelmed! THANK YOU!! Though, I want to make it perfectly clear that God gets ALL the glory for this!! Without Him, I am NOTHING (John 15:5). If I have been able to ANYTHING, it’s because HIS STRENGTH has enabled me to do so (Philippians 4:13). He has made me what I am, and I pray that He is who everyone sees when they look at me!! My life is His!

My life is good! I am doing things I have never done and accomplishing things I never thought I could all because of Jesus! I always knew that if I were going to have any real lasting success (in anything, not just weight-loss) it had to come through Christ. Yet, I didn’t fully “get it” or tap into it until 2007. That’s when I started seeing real changes in my life. It hasn’t been easy (and it’s still a struggle sometimes) but I am succeeding through surrender! Doing it on my own has never worked. My strength is limited, but HIS is INFINITE!!! Who wouldn’t want to tap into that!!

So, as my English (Mr. Tatman) always said, “give credit where credit is due”. I give all credit to Jesus Christ!! All praises due are due to HIM! I may be in the “spotlight” today, but Jesus Christ is the STAR!! Praise be to God; for to Him I am eternally indebted to!! Thank you, Jesus!! You are my coach, my rock, my way-maker, and Savior (and then some!). My success is YOUR success!! Jesus, it’s all for you!! You’re the real “motivator of the day” (and every day!!). Amen!!!

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