Monday, March 1, 2010

Fit Life = Way of Life

After a disappointing weigh-in last week, I was hoping for a better one this week. Things were looking pretty good exercise-wise. I met (and exceeded) my goal for calories burned. I worked out every day in some way, and the next phase of Power 90 was a little tougher (and I burned a lot more). I still had some nutrition issues (namely Friday when I was baking sweets for a bake sale - yeah, brownie batter/cookie dough, etc. just spells “doom” for me!). However, I actually came out on top this week!! Two pounds down!! Hallelujah! ;)

This means that my weight-loss percentage is over 5% now! I’ve lost 11.4 pounds! I had hoped to lose 10-20 during this challenge (with 15 being kind of being the number I hope to hit). I have two more weeks left! If I can lose four pounds total over the next two weigh-ins, I will make it (the final weigh-in is in two weeks, on the 15th).

As of right now, I’m not the “biggest loser” overall, and I’m not sure which team is currently in the lead. We seem to toggle between 1st and 2nd place a lot. Regardless, everyone seems to be doing well (those that are still around anyways lol). Blake was right; there were a lot of “jackers”, but most of them are gone now.

Well, I think that’s about it for this week! Pretty short and sweet!! We were missing Monica, again, this week. Though, me and a few other gals got to do some yoga tonight. Never done it in class form, but have done some here and there in Power 90 and Turbo Jam when they throw some yoga stretches in the mix. It’s pretty good stuff (and there was no emphasis on the goofy spiritual stuff - just the exercise). It’s good for stretching, balance, and flexibility. Though, it’s low-impact and not a huge calorie burner. So, being unsatisfied with a 200+ calorie burn, I did some Turbo Jam when I got home. ;) I’ve already got a good start to this week. Counting yesterday, I have 1,000 of my target 3,000 already burned!

Thank you all for reading and supporting me through this!! I’m going to finish strong (and keep going even after “Fit Life” is finished!). “Fit Life” will continue to be a “way of life” for me! I WILL get to goal! Can’t wait! Then, I’ll just have to maintain; and maybe then I can relax a little more and not have to work/push so hard. Won’t that be nice?! Amen!


Veiga said...

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Melissa said...

Thank you!

Shane Gilreath said...

Kudos on a job well done! You'll get to 15. I just know it! Is it wrong for us all to say a special prayer that you reach that? Hmmm!?!?!

BTW, yoga is AWESOME! It's better than most drugs. When I was yoga obsessed, I was the most calm, serene person I've ever been. Nothing bothered me. But I kind of like the spiritual stuff involved. It's all abotu finding that center and peace.

Melissa said...

Thanks! :) I sure will do my best to get there! Pray away! I do! I wouldn't get through most workouts if I didn't!

"Better than most drugs"?? And you would know this because.......? Shane, are you lookin' like a homeless crackhead again? LOL

Center and peace is Christ. The exercise by itself is fine, but when they start doing spiritual stuff that has nothing to do with God (i.e. salute the sun, etc.) I don't get into that. I salute the Son, not the sun.