Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Key to Consistency

For this week's weight-loss update, I don't have any weight-loss to report. I stayed exactly the same this week. I wish I would have worked out on Friday's "rest day" by running on the Greenway, but I didn't have time (and I really did need the rest). I walked plenty on Sunday (my other rest day) as we were out and about, but that was also the day where my eating wasn't the greatest (though I did pretty well the rest of the week). 

I wasn't expecting a loss this week anyways. It's that "time" again, plus I figure I'm at a plateau. Though, that is about ready to change as well because I am finishing up the first phase of ChaLean Extreme and will be starting the next one soon. So, the change in exercise will get me going again. Plus, I just ordered some new weights. All I've had to work with are 5's and 10's, which aren't heavy enough for many of the exercises. Even though I still sweat (and feel it) decently enough, I KNOW I am capable of more (which would give me better results too). 

At this point, I'm content with the fact that I'm a little stagnant because I know that I've got momentum and that the new changes will payoff as soon as I start the new phase and get the weights that I need. Add to the fact that I've also started drinking Shakeology on a daily basis and I'm absolutely SURE that I will start seeing more changes (I will blog about Shakeology in more detail a little later). 

I feel like I'm on the right track and that I'm making the "extreme" changes that I need to make in order to get results. The one thing I am still lacking is the fact that I'm always needing to pay more attention to the spiritual aspect. As I've always said, if that part isn't doing well, then nothing is going to go well. Have Christ; have success. If that's lacking, then your success will be lacking. It doesn't matter how much you "will" it or want it. If you're doing it all on your own, you aren't going to get very far (and if you do, it won't be for very long). I need to constantly remind myself of this because I know that without Christ, I am nothing and can accomplish nothing (John 15:5). I NEED to stay attached to the vine if I'm going to bear good fruit! Otherwise, all I can expect is up and down progress and lots of frustration! 

Christ is the key to consistency!! Even if my exercise, nutrition, and everything else is spot on, I know after YEARS of doing this that Christ is the only thing that is 100% effective and the source of any true success (the best part being that He truly wants you to succeed and all that He offers is FREE! No cost, no shipping and handling, nothing! He already paid the price!). Satan would like nothing more than to distract me and help me forget that (and sometimes, he succeeds). However, my spirit knows what works and if I'm led by my spirit, it will conquer the flesh that says "I can do this myself" every time! If at any point I'm not doing well, I should examine my heart and face the glaringly obvious reality that I'm slacking spiritually and then pump up my spiritual muscles like I would my physical ones. The spiritual strength I get from Christ will give me the strength for everything else. The Holy Spirit is the one that nudges me when I'm about to make a bad food choice, ignore a workout, or get prideful in myself. If I listen, I can prevent any mistakes I might make. If I ignore it and go with my flesh, thinking that I'm somehow "above the law" and that I can escape any negative consequences, then I deceive myself. 

Christ keeps me balanced and I desperately need Him if I'm going to succeed! My progress would be a LOT better (and I would get to my goal quicker) if I stayed completely dependent on Him! I am forever praying that I would better understand what it means to be reliant on Him. I could stand to review the stuff I learned in "The Lord's Table", that's for sure!

God bless you all! Thank you to all my family, friends, sparkpeople peeps, and my new Beachbody family for all the encouragement and support that you offer! I appreciate it! Thanks for walking with me on this journey!! Grace and peace to you!


Shane Gilreath said...

As usual, your faith is inspiring! I'm so sorry that I've gotten behind on reading your work. I'm trying to catch up...tonight!

Melissa said...

Thank you, Shane! And I don't think you're behind. I don't really blog that much. And even if you were, it would be totally understandable considering all you've had going on lately. Cleaning rooftop gutters and looking after Mama is a MUCH bigger priority than reading my blog! ;) Though, I am very touched that you make it a priority to read. If there were a "consistent friend" award, you would get it!! It doesn't matter "when" you get around to reading. The fact is, you actually DO!! Thank you for being so loyal and supportive! I cherish that!! You make up the handful of reasons why I DON'T say "to heck with friendship and people who don't really give a crap!" ;)