Friday, July 11, 2008

Where Is The Army?

Last night, I got an e-mail message from American Life League; which I would like to share with you. Even though I, and countless others, have been blasting the trumpet to tell the world about this issue, people are obviously still in the dark about this. What I am talking about is the fact that Planned Parenthood (the largest abortion chain in America) receives OUR TAX DOLLARS to fund their operations! Yep, that’s right, OUR MONEY helps keep Planned Parenthood in the business of silencing life and torturing women every day!!

So, what can we do to stop it? Well, if you haven’t done so already, please sign this petition: Also, keep the heat on your representatives. Do you REALIZE what would happen if we actually had a democracy in America? If this government really is for the people and by the people, why aren’t we taking an active role in it? Why aren’t we calling/e-mailing/writing our representatives to tell them what’s up? Why aren’t we jamming the phone lines and inboxes? WHY?!! What if EVERYONE did this just ONCE A MONTH - like with the call for life campaign ( ). I know this really goes without saying, but I can’t make an impact all by myself!! Alone I am one, but together we are many!! WHERE IS THE ARMY???!! Sometimes, I feel like a lone soldier. Don’t I have ANYONE fighting with me???

I’m grateful that Mike Pence is fighting the good fight. He’s my congressional representative and is featured in one of the videos that you can view on ALL’s YouTube channel. Though, because I’m particularly proud of our man Mike (and because he hits all the points on the head!!) here is the link to his video segment:
I hope that Mike Pence never has to feel like a lone soldier. He’s got at least one person backing him up (ME!). I remember seeing him in a parade last year and I shouted out to him to keep up the good work in regards to this issue. He pointed at me and said, “we’ll get it done.”

Indeed, we shall “get it done.” We’ll get it done the more help and support we have and the more that the American people stand up and make their voices heard; the way it’s SUPPOSED to be done in a “democracy.” Even more so, I should hope that there would be more CHRISTIANS out there doing their part. Again, I say “where is the army?”

Please read this message that I got from American Life League and take time to watch the videos, get educated, and get moving!! Let’s mobilize!!!

American Life League is leading the effort to defund Planned Parenthood, and our federal representatives are fighting to make this happen! Last evening, New Jersey Rep. Chris Smith joined 10 other pro-life congressmen to spend an hour on the floor of the US House of Representatives, discussing the business of Big Abortion and the need to completely cut Planned Parenthood from YOUR money!

What they had to say is powerful!

"It's time for us to take a serious, and for some, a second look at Planned Parenthood, its origins, and the fact that since 1973, the year the US Supreme Court issued its famous Roe. v. Wade decision, and legalized abortion, that approximately 4.5 million babies, disproportionately African-American and hispanic, have died in Planned Parenthood clinics."

"Planned Parenthood ought to be called 'Child Abuse Incorporated' for the 4.5 million children it has already killed"

"For Planned Parenthood, business is good. Violence against children pays handsomely." -- Rep. Chris Smith, New Jersey

"The abortion industry is a billion dollar business." -- Rep. Joseph Pitts, Pennsylvania

"This organization has now become a big box retailer; big abortion in other words. It is a big retailer and it brought in a billion dollars in revenues."

"They are the Wal-Mart of Big Abortion." -- Rep. Michele Bachmann, Minnesota

"An accounting gimic masks the way for Planned Parenthood to use federal dollars to fund its (Planned Parenthood) abortion services."

"Lest there be any confusion, abortion is an industry." -- Rep. Bill Sali, Idaho

"Planned Parenthood is using your tax dollars to raise more money to run against your candidate to elect someone who will give them more tax dollars." -- Rep. Jim Jordan, Ohio.

You can view each representative's segment on this important topic ... DEFUNDING PLANNED PARENTHOOD .. by going to

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