Thursday, May 28, 2009

God on the Greenway: Blessed Defiance

In the time since I have been running, I have learned lots of things. God shows me some awesome stuff as I am outside running and feeling alive. Even as I talk about “running” it’s still comes as a surprise to me. As I’ve said before, I’ve NEVER been a runner; neither have I ever had the desire to do it. Sometimes, I still don’t even know what it was that got me into this, but it’s been great!! That in itself is a lesson all its own - doing things I never thought I could!!

Though, of course, there are the days where it’s not so great. I always have that desire (and excitement) to get out there and run, but my body doesn’t always agree. After all I am currently an overweight girl who is, shall we say, also “well blessed” - if ya know what I mean! :p It sure is a challenge; but so worth it in so many ways!! Fighting through pain and soreness is often another hurdle that I have to conquer as well, but through Christ I am able to do that! I push through it all, but try to take it easy when I sense that pushing too much wouldn’t be a good idea (after all, I don’t want to seriously injure myself). It’s important to push, but it’s also important to know when NOT to. Today was one of those days, but even so, I learned what it means to defy the pain!

This “God on the Greenway” story will be a brief one; rather “brief RUN”. ;) Thursday is always the day I get with my wonderful ladies group at church. Currently, we are reading “Captivating” (yeah, I’ll be blogging that soon! It’s REALLY good!). Before group, we have exercise time (how much time depends on when I‘m able to get there). We have two other runners in the group, but I can’t keep up with them (yet). ;) Right now, I look like Wile E. Cyote chasing the Road Runner as they sprint past me! ;) I felt even more like that struggling cyote today. I only had enough time to run for about thirty minutes before group started. Yet, that was probably a good thing, because I don’t think I could move beyond that this time. My hips really weren’t wanting this run today! I tell ya, if it’s not one thing it’s another! Just when I get the endurance in my breathing, my ankles and/or hips decide that they don’t want to cooperate!! It’s aggravating!

So, there I was, running my way to the Greenway. I didn’t get to stay on it very long because by that time, I needed to start running my way back to the church. However, while I was there, I was just praying hard that God would give me strength (and grant me healing in my hips). I prayed and rebuked the pain; over and over again. I knew that deep down, Satan was probably behind some of it. He doesn’t want me going on these runs (for SO MANY reasons!). He would just LOVE to suck the joy out of it! As I was pondering this, I said: “You are NOT going to ruin this for me!” As much as it was hurting, I kept praying. As I did, he stepped up the pain a little (he doesn’t give up without a fight you know). It was a little discouraging, but these words came to my mind: “Don’t embrace it; defy it!”

That must have been one of those boosts from my coach (God). ;) It definitely helped!! I kept praying and pushing through. The pain eased a little, but it was still a little tough. I was noticeably slower today, but I kept pace (except for the few times I had to stop for traffic). I was struggling, and really wanted to just walk the rest, but I was thinking to myself: “No, I do NOT accept this! I can make it, and I will! I will defy this pain! I’m half way there! I am NOT quitting now!” Satan always tries to get me to quit, especially the closer I get to the “finish line.” It’s actually rather laughable that he is still trying to rob me of victory when he knows darn well by now that there’s NO WAY I’m going to quit like that!! Ha ha, funny indeed! In some ways, it’s even a help because his desire for me to fail in whatever way only drives me to succeed.

Needless to say, I made it (oh yeah, you know it baby!). Yeah that’s right….glory to God, people!!! And, it only cemented into me further just how much I need Christ to get me through everything. I couldn’t have endured the run without Him, or had the strength to defy Satan’s deterrents without the encouragement from God. His strength and support pushes me to be better and stronger. I couldn’t have done it without Him!! Neither can I endure or withstand anything else in my life without Him either. He equips me and gives me all I need to excel beyond any obstacle Satan puts in my path. Satan will not steal my joy, my health, my initiative, my anything! I will not give him permission! I do not accept his junk - return to sender! I will defy him every chance I get with a stern rebuke in the name of Jesus Christ! I’ll bet he thinks on a regular basis, “I just HATE that Melissa chick!!” ;) Ha ha!!

Grace and peace be with you all!! May God give you the strength to do all He would have you do as you overcome obstacles and defy Satan‘s schemes!! I wish you all some blessed defiance!! God bless you all!!

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