Monday, May 4, 2009

Life is a Good Investment

Last Thursday, Mitch and I attended the Life Centers Banquet in Indianapolis. The banquet was lovely and well-organized. Many of my fellow Huck*Pac peeps were there as well! One of which was Shelley Ahlersmeyer, a coordinator for Huck*Pac. There were so many people at the banquet that I missed out on seeing her and several others, but she wrote a GREAT blog about all the details!! She also posted some good pictures as well!! Feel free to view her pictures as well as mine (you might have heard that I had an awesome dress!! Some of you may get the joke! LOL). And by the way, if you haven’t signed up for Huck*Pac, I encourage you to do so! Hopefully, you’ll be kind enough to sign up after making a contribution through my link so I can meet my fundraising goal (enter donor code: R27508) C’mon! Can I get 100 people to donate AT LEAST a buck to Huck to help get common sense hard-core conservatives elected so we can turn this country back around and going in the right direction again?! Thanks, I appreciate it! I thank you, Huckabee thanks you, and America will thank you!!!

Anyways, my thoughts on the banquet will likely reflect the feelings of other fellow Huckafans as well as the true patriots of America who still hold fast to the ideals of our forefathers; who declared that we all have the right to LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Mike Huckabee really drove that point home in his speech (which, as Shelley pointed out, he did without the use of notes or a teleprompter. Wow! Even the “president“ can‘t accomplish that!!). Mike Huckabee spoke straight from his heart and from the common sense wisdom that true Americans still adhere to. He talked about how precious, sacred, and valuable the basic right to life is for every human being; the fact that we are “created equal.” No one is worth any more or less than anybody else. He talked about how our forefathers rejected the ideas that people were defined by their status, name, property, etc. They wholeheartedly believed and declared that worth is given to each person by God; the Creator and giver of life. No other human has the right to say that you are worth more or less than anyone else!

Mike Huckabee also pointed out some other good facts. He talked about how this nation woke up to the realization that slavery was wrong and that no one could “own” anybody. We are now living in 2009, and we Americans can’t imagine how or why we ever participated in (and allowed) slavery to abound in this “free” nation. It’s a shameful and tragic component of our past that we aren’t proud of. Likewise, abortion is now a horrible stain of our past and present (but hopefully not our future). For some reason, we have tragically gone back to thinking that we “own” people again. We have been deceived and have repeated history in an even more diabolical way. Not only do we believe that we “own” the lives growing inside us, but that we have the “right” to control that life through a horrible thing deemed “choice.” As Mike Huckabee pointed out, we can use that “choice” to murder an innocent life just because they are an economical, social, or some otherwise named “burden.” As the state of this nation worsens, this “choice” has the potential to abound even more as people are pushed harder by blood-thirsty/money-hungry organizations like Planned Parenthood to end the lives of innocent children so they won’t have to deal with a “burden” in tough times such as this. Mike Huckabee urged all of us to pray hard and give whatever we could (time, money, resources, etc.) to fund ministries like the Life Centers so that women would have the “choice” to choose LIFE for herself and her child instead of tragedy for them both.

If that’s not enough to convince you, consider the ripple effect. If we allow the culture of death agenda to keep implanting itself into our society, we will see much more tragedy to come! Mike Huckabee said that the more life is cheapened, the less that anyone will matter and the generation behind us will be the ones terminating our lives as we sit in nursing homes waiting to die. Because of the “choices” we told them they have a “right” to make, it will broaden the scope of who is a “burden” and babies won’t be the only ones being killed. Mike Huckabee said that he wasn’t about to let his kids get off that easily and that he isn’t about to let someone come and do away with him when he’s sitting in a nursing home. Can you see where the degradation of life is headed? Soon, no one will be safe or protected (and we’ll be utterly defenseless as well, because they are trying to strip us of our right to bare arms!! Are ya’ll connecting the dots yet???).

We all may think that now isn’t the best time for us to give, but Mike said that there has never been a greater time than NOW! Planned Parenthood takes no holidays. They are in the market for death 24/7 - and Satan has them working overtime now! They’ll prey on women more than ever before; and they’ll use the economic conditions to push their agenda so they can profit off the deaths of the innocent ones. My dear brothers and sisters, we cannot allow this!! We must pray hard, as well as reach out to the scared and vulnerable women that need our help! We need to give of our hearts, our time, and even our money to help! Mike said that when he was a preacher, he always told people about how God loves a cheerful giver. Though, he said when you’re a politician, you’ll even accept money from a grouch. ;) Regardless of whether you’re an Oscar the Grouch or Mister Rogers, please consider opening your heart to giving in this crucial time. You can click on the link provided to donate to Life Centers (and/or feel free to donate to your local Crisis Pregnancy Center). In a world where investing is something people are scared to do, there is no risk in investing in something that lasts! Invest in the LIVES of PEOPLE!! The returns and yields are AMAZING; and your rewards are in heaven!!! God bless you!!

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