Monday, September 21, 2009

Walk for Life Results!

Ok everyone! Here is my final Walk for Life update!!

Even though I didn’t raise as much as I did two years ago, I still did pretty well! All total, I had $1,558.00 in pledges (see final leader boards)! When I know the grand total raised overall, I will be sure to post it in a future blog.

Thank you SO MUCH to all who contributed!! God bless you!! EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR is going to be a blessing to a woman who walks in the clinic doors!!

The walk was great and it was a BEAUTIFUL DAY! I pulled the kids in the wagon and my Mom also walked with me. Right before we started, Casey spotted a baby right away. Both of my kids just LOVE babies! They alert me to them whenever they see one! Casey went right up to a crying little baby named Noah and let him hold his finger. Casey just stood there; gazing at him and trying to talk to him. It was so precious!! Casey has always been one who appreciates and loves others whether big or small. The unconditional love and compassion that he shows others always blows me away and touches my heart!

I think that’s about all that I have to say. The only other thing I would like to mention is that the annual pro-life memorial day is coming up. Please see their website for details (and to order your t-shirts). Also, as I mentioned in another blog, check out the website for Project Ultrasound. Read the testimonies of women who changed their minds about abortion because they had the chance to view that life through an ultrasound.

Grace and peace to all of you!! Thank you all for your support!! God bless you!!

Financial Pledges

1. New York - $1,000
2. Indiana - $383.00
3. South Carolina - $65.00
4. Tennessee - $45.00
5. Arizona, North Carolina, and Ohio - $20.00 each
6. Texas - $5.00

$1,558.00 total!

Prayer Pledges

1. Indiana - 11
2. South Carolina - 3
3. North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Tennessee - 1 each

17 Prayer Warriors!

Men Vs. Women

Men = 4 pledgers and 1 prayer warrior! ;)

Women = 28 pledgers and 16 prayer warriors!

WAY TO GO LADIES (and thank you gentlemen!)

Participating States 9/50

New York
North Carolina
South Carolina

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