Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Walk for Life Update: The Walk is This Saturday!

Well, you have probably read my previous blog about the Fashion Show (which was a very tiring but rewarding weekend). Now, I am preparing for my next big weekend which is the Walk for Life on Saturday. Yep, it’s finally here! That is why I need all you last minute pledgers to contact me by FRIDAY so that I can have your name, address, and pledge written down before I get up early in the morning on Saturday to go to the Walk!

Two years ago, my dear friend Heather walked with me (and Kaden too!). He was just a baby then and she was a single Mom. Oh what a difference a couple years make!! Now, Kaden is two, and Heather and Kaden’s father (Aaron) are now married. Better yet, they now have a brand new baby daughter; Kathryn Joy. It’s a blessing to see her and her sweet family! Even greater than that is knowing that even when she thought she was going to forever be a single Mom, Heather made the choice for LIFE for Kaden! Abortion was NEVER an option for her (praise God for that!). And, because of a Crisis Pregnancy Center, she had the support and counsel she needed to get through those uncertain times!! Way to go Heather! I wish you could walk with me again, but I know that you have a new bundle of JOY to attend to! Though, I am proud to say, that my Mom (who will be visiting from South Carolina) has said that she is going to walk with me! Can’t wait for that!! ;)

The world needs more places like The Hope Clinic. We also need more caring people who will give and volunteer their funds and their time to help those in need. You might often hear the pro-choice activists ask “where are you when that child is born?” Well, there are MANY people that ARE there for the women when their child is born! We DO care and we DO see them through (will you find THAT at a Planned Parenthood??). If you want to read a good example of that, please read this story.

Do you need another reason to pledge? Consider the fact that a high percentage of abortion-minded women change their minds after seeing their baby in the womb (and The Hope Clinic is one of those places that provides Ultrasound). In fact, Saundra (whose story you read in one of my updates) once told me that that would have made all the difference for her if she had gotten to see her baby. Unfortunately, there are many clinics that can’t afford the machines. That’s where organizations like Project Ultrasound come in. They donate these life-saving devices to CPCs everywhere. Please, check out their site and consider supporting this organization with your prayers (and funds) as well!

I can’t even begin to tell you how vital and life-saving your prayers and pledges are!! I am so grateful to all of you who have stepped up and pledged so far! Some have been gracious enough to put their faith into action by giving me “at least five dollars” as I have been asking for in my blogs. Some have given even more than that. Whatever the amount, it will be blessed and multiplied! God will use your tax-deductible gift to save and transform lives! How can you put a price on that?

Here are the current leader boards. As you can see, there have been some changes (the major one being that New York just beat out Indiana in pledges - just like last time). Grateful as I am for that (a BIG thank you to my EXTREMELY generous pledger in New York!!!) I think us Hoosiers STILL have a chance of beating out New York if my peeps would start pledging REALLY soon!! Additionally, I would STILL love to see the rest of the states in the nation show up! I got over half last time, but I’m really lacking this time around! Remember, you have until FRIDAY!! Please, PLEASE CONSIDER PLEDGING!! Can ya’ll pledge AT LEAST FIVE BUCKS??? Five bucks….that’s not too much to ask is it? That’s your morning coffee at Starbucks, but that five for coffee won’t compare to saving a child’s life! Send me your name, address, and pledge amount to my e-mail: Thank you in advance for your generosity and kindness!! God bless you all!!

Financial Pledges

1. New York
2. Indiana
3. Tennessee
4. South Carolina
5. North Carolina and Ohio
6. Texas

Prayer Pledges

1. Indiana - 11
2. South Carolina - 3
3. North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Tennessee - 1 each

17 Prayer Warriors!

Men Vs. Women

Men = 3 pledgers and 1 prayer warrior! ;)

Women = 23 pledgers and 16 prayer warriors!


Participating States 8/50

New York
North Carolina
South Carolina

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