Sunday, December 9, 2007

Finding Christmas in the Chaos

What would Christmas be like without a cute little children's play at church? It's sort of a Christmas tradition. Therefore, we were treated to that very tradition today. Of course, our church likes to shake things up a little bit when it comes to that. It wasn't the standard retelling of the Christmas story with everyone playing a part in the nativity scene. What we were privileged to watch was a creative and adorable presentation of C.S.I: Christ Scene Investigation.

In this Christmas play, the kids were exploring and wondering where Jesus was in the midst of the Christmas chaos. They searched everywhere! They had archeologists, oceanographers, astronomers, even church goers trying to find Jesus in any way they could. It wasn't until the children's ministry leaders came out and reminded them where to look that they actually found Jesus. They told the kids that if you really want to seek and find Jesus, all you have to do is look in the Bible.

It's easy to get lost in the season and forget what Christmas is really all about. In fact, the kids (and my High School science teacher on the guitar! LOL) sang a song called "'Tis the Season Loca" to the tune of "Livin' La Vida Loca" by Ricky Martin.

'Tis the Season Loca

It's Christmas shopping season, It's time to hit the malls
Consumer-driven reasons, To trim the tree & deck the halls
Santa comes but once a season,
On a sleigh thru the drifting snow
Cold nights, my toes are freezing',
But twinkle lights are all aglow

Shoppers frenzy like piranhas,
They school from aisle to aisle
But-don't-you-wait-to-shop until manana,
Or you'll lose that festive smile

MasterCard and Visa add to your financial strain
Then January's bills come and your overspending's plain:
It's enough to pop your brain!

Upside, inside-out 'Tis the season loca
It will turn you 'round 'Tis the season loca

Chill you to your bones, Like a Starbuck's frozen mocha
Turn your smiles to frowns, 'Tis the season loca
Livin' the season loca, 'Tis the season loca

It's called the Christmas season,
But where's the Christ in that?
We spend our yuletide focused,
On a man in a red suit, jolly & fat

The fruitcake sits uneaten,
But the eggnog's nearly drained;
Then January's mail comes,
And your credit limit's drained:

It's enough to rot your brain!! Ewwww…

Upside, inside-out 'Tis the season loca
Crush you to the ground, This spending season's loca

Turn-your pockets inside out, Yes, you will soon be broke-a
Where's Baby Jesus now, in this season loca?
Livin' the season loca 'Tis the season loca

Does that describe your Christmas madness? Is that what this season feels like to you? I must admit, that is what it sometimes feels like to me because that's all one ever sees. That whole song describes every commercial, advertisement, and shopping center in sight! It's sickening!!

However, it's in those quiet moments where one can truly enjoy what it's all about (if you can get a quiet moment!). It's SO IMPORTANT to take the time to be still and just think about what matters; so you can keep things in perspective and experience the real joy of it all…..not the joy of busy-ness, presents, food, shopping, etc. but of reflecting on the gift of God and sharing THAT gift - that priceless and precious gift - with others.

Remembering that is what makes Christmas special to me. I just try to envision what it must have been like to witness the birth of Jesus; to be a shepherd or traveler that sat there and beheld a humble and beautiful baby in the manger of a stable…..marveling at the fact that, "Wow! This is the King of Kings!! THIS BABY is the HOPE of the world!! He is what we have always waited for; the promised gift of God!" Can you imagine what that must have been like?!

Even though we weren't physically there to witness it, we are STILL real witnesses to the birth of Jesus Christ because we experience our own rebirth when we accept the birth, death, and resurrection of Christ into our hearts!! Our faith becomes a witness to the world that we have beheld Jesus, the Messiah, and that encountering Him transformed our lives and we will never be the same!

We can take a moment to reflect and thank God for what He has done for us. We can stand in awe of the fact that He sent His one and only Son into the world as a precious and innocent baby; who was raised into a man who sacrificed His own life for the salvation of ALL mankind! He is the Savior whose blood paid the ransom for our sins and saved our souls so that we might escape what our evil deeds deserve. He saved us from having to experience eternity away from God in the condemnation and torture of Hell!

As the program closed, we sang "O Come, All Ye Faithful." It's a truly beautiful song of joy, awe, and celebration. It's an invitation to us who believe to come and behold Him!! Look at what God has done!! How joyful and triumphant!! Come and see!! Come and see!! Look!! It's Jesus!! Hallelujah!! Praise God!! What a miracle!!!

I hope that every element of Christmas, whether quiet or chaotic, can speak to all of us in a way that touches our hearts and draws us closer to God. Take it all in and breath deeply as you ponder the things God wants to tell you. Take it all in; every family gathering, every meal we are blessed to eat, every act of good-will that we give or receive, and even every Christmas carol sung. Sing the words from your heart and ponder them deeply. When you sing "Joy to the World" think about the joy that truly is in the world because of God's gift to us!! When you sing "Silent Night" think about how awestruck and speechless the wise men must have felt as they followed the bright and shinning star to worship the King of all Kings; born of a virgin. Think about it…….really think about it, and allow the wonder, joy, and miracle of it all to sink in as you worship God for what He has done! Then, share the joy of God's gift with the world and "Go tell it on the mountain…..over the hills and everywhere, that JESUS CHRIST IS BORN!!"

May the Lord that always touches my heart touch yours as well!!! May you have a truly merry and blessed CHRISTmas!! GOD BLESS ALL WHO READ THIS!!

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Anonymous said...

Well Melissa i don't have a lot to say, but i enjoyed today's Christmas play. I just want to be in the Christmas this year. It will take me a while but i'll get there. Well that's all for now. Love You, Mitchie Bear