Wednesday, December 5, 2007

We Can't Let This Go Unnoticed!

Last week, I posted some news alerts from American Life League about the “It’s Perfectly Normal” book, which is a graphic and sexually explicit book endorsed by Planned Parenthood (and is marketed to children!). Today, when I was on, I noticed a featured article about it. Reviews of the book, from some readers at, were also included; one of which will particularly shock you and break your heart - which is why this book should never be in the hands of children!!

So, I encourage you to read this article. And please, start talking about this!! We need to shine the spotlight on stuff like this and expose it for the trash that it is!! Social and parental awareness is what’s needed in order to keep our morality intact, and to keep this book out of the hands of children so that they are not corrupted with a godless agenda!! And, as one of my good friends pointed out, this book needs media exposure so people are aware of this. It would also be interested to see where our presidential candidates stand on this: especially the “if it feels good, do it” democrats. What do you think they would say if they were asked if this book was suitable for young children to see in order to learn about sex? I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Mike Huckabee wouldn’t support this. Do you think Hillary Clinton would? Hmmmm, I wonder…… sure would wake up the nation to see what kind of integrity, or lack thereof, their political leaders have!!

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