Monday, December 31, 2007

I Will Be Gone Until January 4th

Today, I saw a this bulletin from Lou Engle on myspace. For those of you that don’t know who he is, please check out his link because I don’t have time to go into detail. Just read the bulletin that I got today (and also, check out the blog entry he wrote about Huckabee as well as the “Face the Nation“ videos from yesterday featuring Mike Huckabee):

Dear Friends in the nation,

I am speaking now for my own personal perspective and not from any ministry I lead.

A year and a half ago Bobby Connor, a strong prophetic voice in the nation called me concerning an encounter with the Lord. In the encounter the Lord told him that if the church would pray the nation would be sustained in dark days by a president who would come in a brown bag and his five loaves and two fish would be more than enough. For a year and a half we have prayed for this. We thought it might have been Brownback but our application I believe was wrong. I believe the brown bag speaks of the common and humble container that the candidate would come in – not in the robes of professional politicians but in a surprising common man container. And so I was stunned when watching Fox News as they interviewed Mike Huckabee where they asked him how do you explain your sudden surge in the polls when you have had such little money and few staff in Iowa? His answer: “We have thousands of people praying, it’s the only way to understand it. It’s the miracle of the five loaves and two fish.” I believe that the churches prayers are unleashing a divine influence of kingdom promotion. I am not saying that it’s the word of the Lord, but I am taken by it.

And now just a few weeks ago Chris Berglund, my prophet friend received another dream about Mike Bickle and myself. The dream reads:

I was watching you two interact and you were forcefully or adamantly sharing with one another your conviction that you would not be as those who did not consider the miracle of the loaves (Mk 6.52). It was clear you had come into agreement to take a stand together, the disposition of your heart was one of faith. The scene changed (but this could have been a separate dream?) and now I am standing at a river bank looking into a river that just a day earlier had few fish in it. Yet, over the night the rains had come and now a day later the river was teeming with fish. As I watched the fish, one large fish seemed to be out of place in the sense of its size and its actions. This fish would come to the surface and open its mouth wide, it looked as if its whole body became a mouth. The smaller fish unaware that they were swimming right into the large fish were consumed by this large fish. I looked to those on the shore and suggested we shoot the large fish with an arrow so the other fish would no longer be in danger.......

I believe the dreams are clear. Mike and I which I believe is the prayer movement must not be those who would move in unbelief while considering this multiplication of the five loaves and two fish in this election moment. The fact is in the last 2 weeks the media and other candidates have been blasting Mike Huckabee and his polls have dropped. I believe that the big mouth is a spiritual attack on the promotion of Mike Huckabee and the people of Iowa must discern it. We are not to doubt! The arrow is a clear picture of a prayer assignment that is being given to us. For the last 3 years we have called our assignment “the arrow of the Lords victory against abortion.” We are to move into an offensive prayer and fasting stand and declare in faith that the power of the media is broken and the favor of the Lord will rule over the thoughts of men and women. In the light of this crisis and in the light of Bobby Connor’s dream, IF THE CHURCH WOULD PRAY, I believe we are in an Esther Moment and I would strongly encourage believers across the nation to enter into a 3-day Esther fast on January 1st-3rd for the pulling down of any Hamans and the raising up of God’s Mordecai who will break the death decree off of the nation.

I have made a vow similar to James Dobson that I can never vote for anyone that is not pro-life. Psalm 94 makes it very clear, Shall a throne of iniquity that devises evil by law have fellowship with you. They gather together against the life of the righteous and they shed innocent blood. A throne of iniquity is a governmental administration that legalizes evil. We are told that we cannot have fellowship with such government and I believe that voting for such thrones is having fellowship with them. Scripturally speaking the two basic foundational issues of a throne of iniquity are anti-Christ philosophies that seek to destroy Christian principles (they gather against the life of the righteous), and thrones that legalize shedding of innocent blood (abortion).

Secondly 2 Samuel 23 declares that one who rules over man must be just and must rule in the fear of God. I cannot vote for anyone whose moral life does not reveal the fear of God and who is not just. Abortion I believe is the foundational justice issue facing our nation. We are not to vote democrat or republican, we are to vote for whoever is just and carries the fear of the Lord.

I am not saying that I know that this is a clear prophetic word but I believe that Mike Huckabee lives out these two requirements as a leader and who will also resist the two foundational issues that comprise thrones of iniquity. He will stand for the righteous remnant in the nation and his top policy value is pro-life. I believe that the nation should rise up and support this man. It is so important that the churches keep crying out to God for supernatural assistance in these elections and that He would promote the humble and the righteous. Let us pray for favor on the one he has chosen to exalt before the others. Thank you for listening to my heart. I am just one voice among many but I bear on my shoulders in intercession along with you the future of our nation and the future of our children. We have 5 days to pray before the primaries. Let us not render to Caesar what God has not rendered to Caesar. Prayer can shape history.

I am bearing Iowa on my heart deeply. I have been in days of fasting and prayer. Let us take our stand in the heavens where angels wage war over the promotion and demotion of kings. Thank you for making the Lord happy with your intercessions.

In Faith,

Lou Engle

I am most definitely going to be participating in this. I will fast beginning when that clock strikes 12 p.m. tonight and I will not have anything but water until midnight on January 4th. The future of this nation is important, and I also want to start this new year off right - focusing on the things that I need to. Therefore, I will not be on here to check my messages, post blogs, or have any conversing with anyone online for these few days so I can take a break, pray, read the Bible, read some books that I need to read, etc. I will be back on January 4th. However, if you do need to talk to me for whatever reason, those of you who know me closely have my phone number. I’m not totally off limits or anything and not trying to shut anyone out. If you need or want to call me, PLEASE don’t hesitate to do so!!

I encourage you all to join with me in this effort. I realize that not everyone can fast on “food” so, just choose something else to fast from - like pop or sweets, or tv, or internet, or whatever. Just give something up in order to focus on God and to pray for our nation, this election, God’s will, and everything!!! Let’s all start off the new year right!! It reminds me of what I read in my Bible today. This particular verse in Psalm 78 spoke to me: (verse 41) “Yea, they turned back and tempted God, and limited the Holy One of Israel.” You know why that spoke to me so much? It’s because it says they “limited” God. Their sins and refusal to be repentant and surrendered to God “limited” what God could do for them. Not because God’s can’t do what He wants to do or that anyone can stop Him from being God, but because their hardened hearts prevented them from receiving His blessings. That is how America is (and how much worse it will become) if we do not rend our hearts to God and follow His will. We will limit what God can do in our lives if it becomes all about us and how WE want to do things. We will refuse God’s power, rely on our own, and destroy our lives!! God is a gentleman, and He doesn’t “make us” choose Him. WE have the choice!! WE can choose to want God in our lives and let His power make things better in the world!! That’s what these next few days will be all about; making our lives (and this nation) better through God’s amazing power through our humble submission!!

So……..are you with me?? Are you ready for change?? Are you ready for His outpouring?? IF HIS PEOPLE PRAY………IF!!!!! Let’s make that “if” a reality!! Let’s stand together and make things happen!! Prayer moves the hand of God!! I want to be a witness to that. How about you? PLEASE PRAY!!

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