Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Blessed Victories!!

Last night, Mike Huckabee dumfounded the media with victories in Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, Tennessee, and West Virginia. Of course, the media still can’t understand why Mike Huckabee is in this race. They just can’t comprehend the power of prayer and God’s multiplication factor (as referenced by Huckabee in his speech when he talked about the “widow’s mite.” Be sure to watch the footage of his brilliant and inspiring speech!).

Needless to say, I’m not at all surprised by his victories; and the momentum that is once again building as true conservatives rally behind him. Anyone that has been blogging and advocating for Huckabee, as I have, knew that he was far from out of this race!! We have been working hard for the campaign and have been praying and fasting for him as well. In fact, there were two inspiring answers to prayer that I saw on Super Tuesday. One gal on a message board said she was going to vote for Romney. I prayed that God would change her mind, and amazingly, she came back later and said that she couldn’t bring herself to do it and voted for Huckabee instead! Then, I had another dear friend of mine tell me that she was undecided until she had a dream that she voted for Huckabee; so that is what she did!! AMAZING!! Only GOD could do that!! Keep praying everyone!!!

And, of course (if you are able), PLEASE donate to the campaign to keep things running smoothly and effectively; and also consider volunteering. As you already may know, I am a Huckabee Ranger and I am trying to raise AT LEAST $100.00 for the campaign. I have about $80.00 to raise yet. PLEASE help me out!! Click on the link I have provided, or go to and click on “contribute” and enter my ranger code in the “donor or event code” box when you donate: R10165. PLEASE, ANY AMOUNT WILL HELP!! Can you at LEAST donate a BUCK FOR HUCK??!! And, my offer to recognize you and write a limerick for you on my blog still stands!! I have already written one!! Please, put me to work!! LOL Let me know when you donate, and I will “get r done!“ ;) Or, if any of you need a better incentive to donate to Mike Huckabee, let me know what you would like me to write or do in order to help get the funds coming in. Do you want me to make a video personally thanking your or singing a goofy song or what? What’s it going to take? LOL

Anyways, now that Super Tuesday is over, it’s time to concentrate on the next states that are voting. Kansas, Louisiana, and Washington are voting Saturday; and D.C. Maryland, and Virginia are voting Tuesday. Please be in prayer for these upcoming primaries and please volunteer and donate if you can!! I will likely try and make some calls for the campaign before I leave for my big weekend (I‘ll be posting a blog about the details of my upcoming weekend momentarily and will include a special personal video!!).

On that closing note, please check out these two little videos that I’m sure will make you smile (I know I did!). The first one is a video of Mike Huckabee with a special version of “High Hopes” being sung in the background. The other is a video with the song “Because of You” (which I found to be very inspiring!). Enjoy!! God bless you all and GOD BLESS MIKE HUCKABEE!!!!

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