Monday, February 11, 2008

A Weekend To Remember: Day 1

Well, I have returned; and I have MUCH to talk about!! This was a weekend that I will never forget!! A LOT happened and I will break it down day by day in three blogs! So, I will begin by talking about day one: Friday.

As many of you know, the “Renew Your Vows Banquet” (sponsored by Christian radio station Star 88.3) was Friday. I went to my friend’s salon to get my hair trimmed and styled. While I was there, there was a girl with very long hair preparing to get a major haircut so that she could donate it. This was something I have always wanted to do as well. In fact, a guy at church commented on how long my hair was getting and suggested that I donate it when I got my hair trimmed for the banquet. I had thought that my hair wasn’t long enough to donate, but figured maybe it would be the next time - as I continued to let it grow. However, Jenny said that I had plenty there to donate and so I thought, “ok, why not?!” So, I DID IT!! I’m not one that likes to have short hair, but it was worth it. I may miss having my long hair, but there is someone out there who misses their hair even more. Therefore, I am happy to part with mine.

So, after that, I got all dressed up and Mitch and I said good-bye to our kids at my Dad’s house (the whole weekend without the kids! Oh boy! LOL) and we left for Fort Wayne!! We checked into our hotel, and then went to the banquet.

When Mitch and I arrived at the banquet, the Star 88.3 staff made us feel so welcome and they were so complimentary and kind and made me feel special. They even took pictures of us (for the website I was told - though I don’t see where they have posted any pictures) and Melissa Montana later commented to us that we were like “the couple of the night” and said I looked like homecoming queen. LOL That was really touching to me, because I really did feel like a princess and that night meant a lot to me!!

The evening was a beautiful celebration of love and commitment to our spouses. Lots of couples and pastors were in attendance. We even seen other couples we knew. In fact, our friends, Tom and Patrice Felger - the founders of The House of Hope of Northeastern Indiana - were there! And, interestingly enough, Tom and Patrice had even gone to Jenny’s salon earlier in the day. (In fact, Patrice was there as I was getting my hair done!).

The banquet was a sold out event!! Some of the couples had even attended last year’s banquet. There were couples of all ages and stages. Some had been married for 40 years or more. And, there were even some newlyweds!! The youngest newlywed couple had only been married since New Year’s! How precious!

When it came time to renew our vows, two of the pastors described how we were such a witness to the world. In a culture full of divorce, we were examples that marriage could be successfully done. Every marriage has its problems, but like they explained, if it’s a marriage of a three strand rope (God, husband, and wife) it’s not easily broken. Boy do we ever know that!! I praise God for holding us together because there were so many times where we could have broken apart. But, because of that strand of God, we are making it!! Nevertheless, the rivers of tears effortlessly flowed down my face as I gazed into my husband’s eyes and seen the love, commitment, and sincerity in his heart as he spoke his vows of love to me. And, I cried once again as I echoed them back; much like I did originally on our wedding day. LOL I’m so mushy!! I can never get through something so emotional without crying!! Ha ha.

In addition to the tender-hearted moments, the concert by Natalie Grant was equally touching and enjoyable!! She sang and shared some stories and she even made her new CD available to everyone!! It doesn’t officially get released until tomorrow, but we had the privilege of being the first to purchase it early. ;) We got both of her albums at a discount. I just LOVE her music!! She has such a beautiful voice and a beautiful heart. Check out her website and/or myspace. Some of her most well-known songs are “Held” and “The Real Me” (two of my personal favorites).

Well, that concludes my synopsis of day one!! Be sure to read my blogs on the other two days as well!! It just kept getting better and better!! If you want to see pictures and video of the weekend, be sure to read blog three in which I included a picture album link as well as my You Tube video playlist!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like an awesome time! Pictures were great ! What a great looking couple ! And...what a neat idea for the radio station to do this !! Strengthens marriages to do things like this..
Love you both.