Friday, February 8, 2008

This Just Keeps Getting Better!!! :)

Some of you may know by now that Mitt Romney has now dropped out of the race!! Praise God!!! When I heard the news, I screamed with glee and gave praise to God!! It’s yet another answer to prayer!!

But wait!! It gets better…….

The next best possible thing that could have happened finally did!! DR. DOBSON OF FOCUS ON THE FAMILY IS NOW ENDORSING MIKE HUCKABEE!!!! OH YEAH!!! WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS ONE!!!!!!! PRAISE GOD!! The only thing I’m thinking, though, is “Yeah, it’s about time!!! If only he could have endorsed him sooner!! If he had, Huckabee could have had a lot better momentum and support and would have won a lot more delegates, I’m sure! Well, better late than never, right?? Of course, I think given the fact that Dr. Dobson has long since said he would never vote for John McCain, and the fact that Romney is a Mormon, that would have made it a no-brainer for him to support Huckabee and endorse him right from the start. Anyways, ’m just thankful that he has finally done so!!!

So, aside from the Biblical reasons to vote and support godly leadership - as emphasized perfectly in one of my friend’s blogs - Christians have more assurance and motivation to back Huckabee. Given that Dr. Dobson’s wisdom and influence is so powerful, this will be a great boost to the campaign and a big help for those that look to Dr. Dobson for guidance in making up their minds.

Also, here’s a heads up from another one of my friend’s blogs that clearly articulates some interesting points about the media, their agenda, and their role in the whole election scheme. ;) I think you will find it very enlightening!! Kudos to my new friend, fellow Hoosier, and Huckabee supporter for writing it!! ;)

Well, that’s the scoop for now!! I got to get going. I have a big weekend ahead of me (as explained in my earlier blog!). I pray you all have a blessed weekend!! I will have lots to talk about on Monday and plenty of pictures etc. to share!! Oh, and don’t forget to vote for Mike Huckabee if you are in one of the states having a primary tomorrow!!! Be a “Huck” of a believer!! ;) This Huckagirl has always believed, and will continue believing and praying for Huckabee to be our next commander in chief!! KEEP ON PRAYING AND KEEPING THE FAITH!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND GOD BLESS MIKE HUCKABEE!!!

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