Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pray For Mike Huckabee On 2-24-08!!

I received the following message in a bulletin on myspace. So, I am passing it along!! Please, let’s all come together in prayer and pray extra hard for Mike Huckabee on February 24th (this coming Sunday)!! There is power in prayer - and in numbers!! People everywhere will be praying for Mike; please join in!! Let’s keep the hope alive and our faith going!! It’s like I have been telling everyone, “Faith is stronger than politics.“ Prayer does wonders!! Thanks and please pass this on!!!


Join us February 24, 2008 as we pray for God to make a way for Mike Huckabee to become president. We believe Mike Huckabee is the best option to become president and we're asking God to make that happen. We're at a vital part in America's history and we believe Mike Huckabee is the right man to face the challenges our nation currently faces. We know any time God is brought into the equation, big questions get asked. Read our FAQ's below. If you have more questions, feel free to email the site. Please join us as we intercede for this nation, that the man we think is God's best will get elected.


Q. Why pray for Huckabee on 2-24-08?

A. Because we believe Mike Huckabee is the best option for America. We're calling on God to help elect the man we believe is the best option to be president in The United States Of America.

Q. Are you saying God has chosen Huckabee to be president?

A. That's not for us to say. All we're saying is that we think Huckabee is the best option for president and we're asking God to make that happen.Q. So you're saying God wants Huckabee to be president and you'll follow what ever Huckabee says and does because he is God's man?

A. Oh don't be silly. We're not proclaiming he's God's man, we're just saying we like the guy and we want him to be our president. Of course we won't blindly follow him, we didn't check our brains at the door.

Q, Aren't you shoving your beliefs down our throats?

A. Unless someone has a gun to your head and is forcing you to this site, of course not. And if they have a gun to your head, duck! You're free to pray or not to pray for Huckabee. You're free to go post on a blog or message board about how dumb this all seems to you. This is America, you can do that. And we can decide to pray for the guy we like.

Q. Isn't this all kind of theocratic and cult like?

A. No because we're not forcing you at the butt of a gun to pray for Huckabee. We're not proclaiming eternal damnation unless you support our guy. We're all free thinking people who believe Huckabee is the best man for the job. We also realize there are free thinking people who think he's the worst man for the job. So be it! We still want to pray for him.

Q. What if we pray and God doesn't do something miraculous to help Huckabee get elected?

A, Well then I guess he won't be elected, huh? At least we can't say we didn't try.

Q. Is this site run by the official Huckabee campaign?

A. No.

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