Saturday, February 16, 2008

What's It Going To Take???

Today, I would like to share an e-mail I received (regarding abortion and Planned Parenthood) from . In addition to their petition link included with their e-mail, there is also - which I have mentioned on several occasions. The funding of Planned Parenthood with OUR TAX DOLLARS HAS GOT TO STOP!!! Please read and sign the petitions - if you haven‘t already!!

Keep praying and making noise on behalf of the innocent and defenseless; and those who have been wounded by abortion and whose pain is being ignored! ABORTION HURTS EVERYONE!!! It’s a ripple effect, people!! If you think it doesn’t affect you…..think again!!! The physical, emotional, and mental pain that abortion leaves behind wounds everyone!! Don’t think so? Well, maybe you should hear the personal stories I hear. When women tell you that they they’ve been plagued by guilt and condemnation, or that they had subsequent miscarriages and trouble conceiving afterwards, or that they almost bled to death…….or that their pain gave way to depression, self-hatred, etc……you realize just how costly abortion is. Abortion takes the life of a child and robs the mother of her own life in so many ways. Some women end up even taking their own life because of the guilt and shame they feel.

So, how does their suffering translate to ours? Well, their families for one: the spouses, siblings, grandparents, and countless others that will never know the life lost. Those close to them that have to watch their women suffer inwardly and outwardly. The friends and co-workers that witness their pain and don’t know how to help. Or, maybe we suffer trauma at the hands of a hurting woman who is having a hard day of remembering what she went through and takes it out on someone else as a result.

Our society continues to weather down as we experience the traumatic aftershocks. When will we put an end to this madness and begin to heal? Haven’t we paid enough?? I am so saddened that I have to hear so many women tell me “I didn’t know. I wish someone had told me” when they express their regrets. Many of these women were pressured and deceived into thinking that abortion was their only answer and were captivated by fear and led to do something that they would forever regret. Shouldn’t we be there for them? Shouldn’t we be protecting them from this pain? How do we do that? Well, prayer for one….and activism for another. We have got to keep fighting against this as well as being there for those who need us so they don‘t have to go through their pregnancy alone!!!

There is so much more that I could say, but I don’t know what it takes to convince a person to be moved to action. If you aren’t convinced already, what’s it going to take? Do you need to see pictures? **WARNING** VERY GRAPHIC!! Do you need to read about a woman who said her baby tried to “get away” while the “doctor” was performing her abortion? Do you need to meet one of my friends who has suffered through this? Or, do you need to meet a woman who was about to have an abortion but thankfully changed her mind? What’s it going to take?

Let’s keep praying and doing all we can!!! I will continue blogging for life and for those who can’t speak for themselves; as well as my precious friends who have gone through such unspeakable pain and aren’t willing that any more women and families should be victimized!! I do this for you!!! I LOVE YOU!! You are NOT forgotten!!


They boast of being the world's largest provider of abortions- performing a record 264,943 during the fiscal year 2006-2007. Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) is considered a "non-profit" organization that annually siphons more than a quarter-billion dollars in U.S. taxpayer money...

Considered a non-profit, it nevertheless makes huge profits- building a surplus of more than $350 million while operating under their own set of rules, unaccountable to the rules and regulations governing other non-profits...

But that's only the tip of the iceberg. Sens. Brownback and Vitter are calling for the suspension of federal funding of abortion following a complaint in a Kansas district court accused PPFA of performing illegal late-term abortions, falsifying documents and failure to comply with medical reporting requirements.

And that's not all.

Knowledge that PPFA has also been involved in a complicated baby body parts scandal--selling intact body parts, tissues, organs and the remains of aborted infants to researchers has also come to light...

And the most heinous part of all? Your tax dollars are helping to fund and even expand this kind of barbaric and grotesque genocide!

The time is now to demand that your tax dollars never be given to organizations that promote abortion! Click here to learn more:

+ + $300 million for 264,943 abortions in 2005-2006

What makes these numbers even more chilling is that PPFA an organization claiming to offer a host of family planning services, failed to make one adoption referral during that time!

There is nothing family friendly about PPFA. This is corporation whose murderous abortion agenda is being subsidized by your tax dollars!

+ + 30 Days to Make an Impact

Grassfire has just launched a national petition demanding an end to Tax Dollar Support of Abortion, and we are asking ALL members of our Pro-life team to sign by clicking here:

Over the next 30 days we expect to rally 200,000 Pro-life signatures that will be presented to key members of Congress!

Please take a moment to add your name to this important petition, and then alert your friends to this vital Grassfire effort to stop Taxpayer Support of Abortion!

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