Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Update on Haley

I would like to thank all of my friends and readers who are faithful and blessed prayer warriors!! Please, keep praying!! Everyone's prayers for Haley are prevailing!! Here is the update that Tony and Angie posted today on Haley's Care page:

Family and Friends, praise God for hearing the prayers of his people. We have won another great victory today in the powerful name of Jesus. Today was a great day! Angie and I never thought we would be so happy just to see Haley yaaaaawwn…blink…glance around the room…then look at us with those big blue eyes.

The last time Haley was in ICU was when she was born. She was premature and only weighed around 5 pounds. They had to hook her up to some tubes then too, because she had trouble breathing. The emotion surprised us. Angie and I went back in time. It seemed strange to be celebrating the same simple pleasures 17 years later. We welcomed Haley into the world…again.

Last night around 2:00am, Haley was restless, coughing, and gagging. At 4:00am, she decided it was time for the vent tube to come out. She gave some BIG coughs, and the nurses pulled it out. She did wonderful! Her breathing was relaxed and all vitals were healthy. Haley woke up at about 8am..

They unhooked and unplugged stuff all afternoon. She is down to one IV for fluids and/or medication. She still has the nose feeding tube. NO tracheotomy for Haley! Yay God!

At around noon, the neurosurgeon’s assistant came and removed the ICP probe from Haley’s head. I watched as she unscrewed it with a little wrench and pulled it out…Ouch. It was the last piece of equipment that was a reminder of her “Critical” condition. Haley is officially classified as “Stable.”

At 2:30pm, nurses increased tube feedings and turned off IV fluids. It will take a while for all the medications to wear off. Haley is still very groggy. We are preparing for rehab and praying for miraculous healing of neural pathways and connections. She probably will be taken to the Rehab Hospital of Indiana in Indianapolis, maybe next week.

Prayer Requests: Complete healing or re-routing of neural pathways and brain tissue; for the Holy Spirit to continue to prompt all of us to be on our knees for miracles! Jesus is more than able and willing to do more than we can ask or imagine! The power of prayer is amazing. Jesus is glorified.


Tony & Angie C.

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