Friday, February 15, 2008

It Phases Me Not!!! I Still Believe!!!

I’m sure you have all heard the news that Romney endorsed John McCain and allocated his delegates to him. It makes me thoroughly sick, but then again, it’s Romney we are talking about. He wouldn’t know a good candidate if it hit him in the face (that’s not an invitation for Huckabee to do so either!! LOL). Also, my husband told me that George H.W. Bush plans on endorsing him as well - maybe he already has (I haven’t heard). Again, another sickening turn of events; but it’s to be expected considering that he’s the media‘s so-named “front runner.”

However, none of this is deterring my man Huckabee!!! He is still keeping the faith because we, his supporters, are keeping it too!!! In the short clip provided (thanks, Phil, for sending it my way - I needed that!!), Mike Huckabee articulates brilliantly why he is still running in this race. I must say, it brought tears to my eyes because it was like he was talking directly to me. He spoke of not letting his supporters down and giving other states the opportunity to have their voices heard and not being told who their nominee is until they have had a chance to speak (that means especially much to me considering that Indiana hasn’t had its primaries yet!!). He also spoke of the passion, dedication, and sacrifices of his supporters and those giving sacrificially of their time and money to keep him going. He said our encouragement is what is motivating him to keep going on. It truly blessed my heart and made me cry because I am one of those people that he spoke of (well, not by name…..but still!!). We have given sacrificially of our time and money; and have poured our whole-hearted support into this campaign. We are not willing that it should die!! It will NEVER die so long as I still have a voice - ha ha… know me!! ;) Like I said before, I will write-in my vote before I would ever vote for anyone else!!! Oh how I would LOVE to see Mike Huckabee win on write-in votes alone - if it came to that!! LOL Wouldn’t the media just drop over dead?!! Ha ha!!

Anyways, let’s keep the faith alive everyone!!! I know I will!!! Here’s my shout out…….1.….2.……3.…….MIKE HUCKABEEEEEEE!!!!! WOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!! YEAH!!!!!!! HUCKAGIRL ALL THE WAY BABY!!!! I’M KEEPING THE FAITH AND PRAYING HARD!!!! DON’T GIVE UP MIKE!!!!! WE NEED YOU!!!!

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