Friday, February 15, 2008

UPDATE!!! YouTube Responds!!

Guess what everyone??!! Soon after bloggers everywhere (including yours truly!) posted the news on YouTube’s ban of ALL’s video report, YouTube responded!! Please read the report below after you watch ALL’s newest video report - on YOUTUBE!!! ;) I trust they won’t be censored anymore!! Praise God!!! We are making a difference!! Thanks to all who signed the petition as well!! ;) I know of at least ONE who did!! Yep, that would be you, Scott!! Thanks bro!! (Oh, and FYI everyone, you have GOT to see his awesome blog entry in which he includes a horrid animated advertisement for Planned Parenthood. It‘s ridiculous and INSANE!! Hopefully, those of you still not familiar with the agenda of Planned Parenthood will understand them a little bit better after watching the video and reading Scott‘s brilliant commentary - it‘s what I would have said if I had posted it myself!! WAY TO GO SCOTT!!!)

Anyways, here is ALL’s Latest Video Report!! You’ll love this one, because it shows footage of the March for Life and young people speaking out!! The pro-life culture is on the move and as referenced, more and more young people are taking a more active role!! Praise God!! And, thankfully, Planned Parenthood’s million dollar profits (earned through abortion) are being hit hard!! (The video has all the details). They really are all about making money; not about YOUR health. If it were about YOUR health, they wouldn’t be killing children and scarring women mentally, physically, and emotionally or life.

We have GOT to keep speaking up and stepping out to defend life!! It’s about time that we reject their “health services” which promote promiscuity, kill our children, and murder the spirits of women everywhere when the life inside them dies. Let’s stop the suffering!!! Let’s shine the truth on the lies and agenda of Planned Parenthood!! America has paid enough!! It’s time for awareness, action, and healing!!!


Censored Video Restored After Objections from Pro-Life Media and Supporters

Washington, D.C. (14 February 2008) – After numerous articles and pressure from Catholic and online media, Google-sponsored YouTube cited a “technical malfunction” as the reason American Life League’s pro-life video was censored by YouTube staff.

"Once word got out that YouTube had allowed the Planned Parenthood ads our report was based on to remain on their site, while at the same time censoring our report, a flurry of e-mails, blog posts, and complaints from the pro-life community pressured YouTube into reversing their decision," said Jim Sedlak, vice president of American Life League.

The original notification e-mail sent to American Life League by YouTube reads, "After being flagged by members of the YouTube community and reviewed by YouTube staff, the video below has been removed due to its inappropriate nature."

Three days later, American Life League received a second e-mail that said:

"This email is to inform you that a video was recently removed from your account due to a technical malfunction. The issue has since been remedied and we appologize (sic) for any inconvenience or distress this may have caused. The following video(s) have been reinstated and your account has not been penalized."

According to YouTube's user guide:

"When a video gets flagged as inappropriate, we review the video to determine whether it violates our Terms of Use—flagged videos are not automatically taken down by the system. If we remove your video after reviewing it, you can assume that we removed it purposefully, and you should take our warning notification seriously."

Praising the YouTube decision, Sedlak commented “We are pleased that YouTube has reversed their decision to remove our video. Our ALL News Report was neither objectionable nor inappropriate. While it is unfortunate that YouTube chose this tactic in the first place, it is encouraging to note that they corrected their poor decision in a timely fashion.”

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