Thursday, February 21, 2008

"I'm Telling Daddy On You!!" (Again!)

Every now and then, you read something that speaks to you. Sometimes, it can even be something that you wrote yourself!! LOL Such is the case with me sometimes. I happened across an old blog of mine on one of my other sites tonight. And, when I read it, I felt the need to repost it because it really touched me. It's about being able to go to God whenever you need Him - He's always in our corner!! I especially wanted to share it because I feel there are some that really need to hear it right now!!

Anyways, I wrote this July 13, 2006. It's called: "I'm Telling Daddy On You!!"


At a time in everyone’s childhood, there has been a bully of some kind. Whether it was hair pulling, name calling, fist fighting, or something else, we have all had someone pick on us at one time or another.

In our younger years, most often we would try to get back at the bully by “telling” on them. We may have not been able to stick up for ourselves, but we knew that SOMEONE could. Therefore, we would go running to a grown-up, like Mommy or Daddy, and tell them who wronged us. Then, they would confront the bully for us, teach him a lesson, and make him apologize.

How nice it was to have someone in your corner to stand up and protect you from all sorts of bullies! Parents, and other grown ups who cared for us, always had a way of making things right and helping us feel secure. No matter how big the bully seemed to be, the adult was always bigger. So, it always made sense to tell someone who was being mean to us, so they could help make it right.

Obviously, now that we are IN the grown up world, getting our parents or someone else to fight for us just doesn’t work much anymore. Most of the time, we are on our own and have to duke it out ourselves.

Well, guess what? We DO still have someone on our side that has ALWAYS fought for us. That person is Jesus. He has, and always will, be on our side to fight for us.

Lots of people try to bring us down in life. Satan brings us down as well. All that negativity and pain is hard to fight, especially if you buy into it. However, combating it can be a LOT easier. All we have to do, when faced with Satan (as well as difficult people and situations) is remember who is there to fight for us. Just like a cat puffs itself up for defense and intimidation, so is the way with Satan. He makes himself seem big and unconquerable; even though he is nothing but a lying coward. He tries to manipulate our feelings, as well as use others’ comments and actions to get to us. He tortures and torments us into believing whatever he can in order to attain control and distract us from God. The really big bullies are good at that. I’m sure everyone has had a bully intimidate them to the point of where they were afraid to tell someone about how they have been terrorized. That is what keeps a person trapped, and the bully in control.

Just like our parents told us, however, we should ALWAYS tell someone if we are being treated badly. No one has to go through it alone. We need someone to stand up for us.

That is why Jesus is always there. Satan is nothing but a bug on his shoe. Jesus was crucified on the cross for our sins, and rose from the grave! He set us free from the damnation of hell! He has already won the war against Satan, so helping us win our battles is cake! Satan doesn’t stand a chance against us when we have JESUS, and the Word of God, as our line of defense! We are given power and authority in Christ and “…greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.” (1 John 4:4).

Satan has met his match! He cowers under the authority and power of Jesus!! Satan knows he is defeated, and there is nothing he can do about it!! He can try his hardest to bring us down, but if we just remember to call on our “Daddy,” then he has got no place to run!

Any time you feel burdened down and lowly, just talk to Jesus. He’s right there with you. Listen for that still small voice. If Satan has been demeaning and condemning you, go to Jesus and see what he has to say. I’ll bet you anything he will say, “My child, that isn’t true. Why would you believe that?” And when you spill your guts to him, he’ll reassure you and lift your spirits, just like any parent would. He’ll shut down the lies of Satan, and others, and have you standing tall.

So, next time you feel like you’re really dogging on yourself, and Satan is working hard to keep you down, just use this phrase to make him cower and tremble: “I’m telling my Daddy on you!!”

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