Thursday, May 1, 2008

Important FYI's

I just have a few FYI’s to pass along…….

First off, today is the National Day of Prayer. I know there are events going on everywhere around the nation. So, find an event near you and participate or at the very least, just take some extra time to pray…..for this nation, for family and friends, everything!! Let’s all pray together and let them rise up to heaven!!

Tomorrow is the next call for life. PLEASE, get involved with that!! Just a few minutes a month, ONCE A MONTH!! Simple enough isn’t it? AND, it can and will make a difference!!

I am also honored to announce that the YouTube video I uploaded for pro-life t-shirt day on Tuesday has gotten over 100 hits so far. In addition to that, Rock for Life/American Life League is featuring it on their YouTube channel as well as their website. Here is the video from YouTube that they placed on their channel. Also, here is the link to the video on the American Life League home page (or by clicking here as well). It’s truly a blessing to be able to spread the word and hopefully, this short little video will make an impact!! That’s what I am praying for!!
Well, that’s about all I have to say!! God bless you all!!

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