Monday, November 17, 2008

"Red Letter" Days

Over the past few weeks, Chad has been talking about the tough questions of our faith. It all leads up to our response to the gospel. How will we react? What will we choose?

In our bulletins, Chad has lots of scripture listed there. It was the “red letters” of Jesus. Do we cling to the “red letters”? Will His words lead to “red letter” days for us? Will there be people who are praising God because of the “red letters” that are being displayed in our lives?

We are a light to the world (Matthew 5:14-16). We need to be shinning!! We shouldn’t be hiding our light, or letting our fires dim and fizzle out!! Because of the dark places all around us, there are people crying out for light!! We need to be taking our light into those dark places; and leading people out!! We shouldn’t be the type that just shines our light in the dark, remind people that they are dark, and then just expect people to get out if we don’t lead them. We need to extend our hands to the ones that are searching for something to hold onto. We shouldn’t just shine in a stationary place and expect people to come to us if we aren’t coming to pursue them too!

What kind of light are we then? Does our light go to others, or do we just expect others to come to us? You know, it’s like something I read once about darkness not existing unless there is an ABSENCE of light. But, where there IS light, there is no darkness! So, the LIGHT has to go to the darkness in order for it to be eliminated. Darkness doesn’t seek light, because darkness cannot exist where there is light. LIGHT seeks the darkness to make the darkness light!!

How do we be the brightest light possible? Well, Chad said we have to be a student of our master. The better student we are, the more effective we will be. We will be “salty” and create a “thirst” in others. They will crave the living water that will quench their thirst!! Chad illustrated how well of a drummer he was in order to show the relationship between student and teacher. He showed us the best he could do on the drums, which was a drum solo that he was taught when he was in school. He played a timid “little drummer boy” solo, that he performed in a Christmas program, and that was it. Then, he had one of our praise team drummers perform a drum solo (which was astounding!). And, it definitely had me “thirsty” because his salty solo had me wanting to clap my hands and tap my feet! When his solo was over, I was thinking “Ah, come on! Play some more!! That was awesome!” THAT, my friends, is how we need to be!! We need to be a seasoned and experienced student of our master in order to be able to have that kind of effect - having people desiring “more.” If all we put out is “little drummer boy” efforts, we won’t attract much!

Chad ended the sermon by having us all write down our responses on a piece of paper. We wrote about our personal response and mission, and our prayer requests for it. He even had a few envelopes placed around the auditorium at random (and each envelope had “seed money” in it). He said those envelopes had God’s resources in it, and that he was challenging everyone (envelope or no envelope) to invest in God’s Kingdom by planting seeds. The church’s mission is to live out the “red letter” messages of Jesus!

So, what’s my “red letter” mission? Well, many of you know that it’s my passion to write. Therefore, I blog and share my heart online and otherwise. I do my best to serve, minister, and encourage others, work for good causes, use my talents in the church (writing, drama team, prayer team) etc. I’ll continue to do all I have been doing, and will look forward to having more opportunities to use them!!

May you all have “red letter” days and use your gifts to “shine” and serve!! Grace and peace to all of you!!

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