Saturday, November 22, 2008

"And Knowing Is Half The Battle!"

If any of you are even remotely familiar with the "G.I. Joe" cartoons of the 80's, you'll no doubt remember a familiar phrase that I am about to repeat. At the end of the cartoons, they always did public service announcements in order to teach a concept to kids. The kid would always say, "now I know" and then they would say "and knowing is half the battle." If you need a refresher, check out the video I found on YouTube in which a girl is encouraged to keep trying to learn how to water ski. She finds it difficult and wants to give up, but is encouraged to keep trying until she masters the new skill she is hoping to learn. 

What I'm getting at is that if knowing really is half the battle, why do so many people not even "know" about the battles we are fighting? How can we win if we are so ignorant of the facts? Case and point being this new video from American Life League in which they present the truth about Margaret Sanger and the organization she proudly founded: Planned Parenthood. Take a moment to watch the video as you see and hear her words of hate and racism. Listen to how she talks about implementing eugenics programs in America as they had in Nazi Germany. Listen carefully to how she talks about exterminating "Negroes". Don't miss the part where she talks about using black ministers to "educate" the black population and dissuade them from multiplying. Is it any wonder Planned Parenthood loves Barack Obama so much? They are proud as peaches to be able to use his influence to further their destructive agenda!! Though, I still can't figure out how or why he or ANYONE (no matter what your "color") would want to promote the evil legacy of Planned Parenthood and the twisted logic of Margaret Sanger!! How can anyone be so proud of trumpeting that horn? 

So, what do you think? Do you believe in Margaret Sanger's idea that we are all just a bunch of human "weeds" and that there are so many inferior human beings standing in the way of progress? Do you agree that there are so many "weeds" who have no purpose or value, and that we must be cleared out to make way for a super race? Well, this is one "weed" that she will not be able to get rid of! You see, I am NOT a weed!! Quite the opposite. I am grafted into the VINE (John 15:1-17) and through that abundant LIFE-GIVING source, I bear fruit! I am FAR from a weed, and I am pruned and nurtured in that precious vine! I AM NOT , and WILL NOT, be a weed or branch that is bundled and burned in the fire! 

Don't believe the lies of Margaret Sanger! Hopefully, your eyes have been opened to the truth so that you KNOW how to fight in this battle!! Consider this to have been your own public service announcement (though, I am not a "G.I. Joe" er…Jane lol). Remember that you and everyone else on this earth is NOT a mistake!! As my English teacher always used to say, "Everything is done on purpose FOR a purpose…..there are no accidents." I am not an "accident" and neither were you!!  We were created "on purpose for a purpose" (Ephesians 2:10). We were known even before we were even born (Isaiah 44:2) and were knit in our mother's wombs by the hands of our Blessed Creator (Psalm 139:13). YOU ARE PRECIOUS AND PURPOSED!! Your life is NOT a waste, so don't waste your life!! LIVE IT! LIVE IN HIM!! Keep fighting the good fight!! Grace and peace to all of you!! 

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