Thursday, November 13, 2008

Say "No" to Suffering!

Back in April, I participated in the pro-life t-shirt day (sponsored by American Life League). I even made a video with my son, Casey, who had asked me about my shirt as best as he knew how (watch the video and you'll see what I mean).

American Life League/Rock for Life even featured it on their YouTube and on their site. My greatest hope was/is that the common sense of that video would touch hearts and spread across the internet as people realize that if even a CHILD knows a baby is a baby, how can anyone be any less perceptive?? I never had to tell my son that a "fetus" in the womb is a human being - he knew by looking at it!! So, is that to say that most of us aren't smarter than a five year old?? Where is our common sense, reason, and compassion??

I DREAD the day that my children become of age to understand what abortion is. How does one explain abortion to our kids? Even CHILDREN know that babies are babies!! I can only hope and pray that by that day, abortion will be a tragic thing of the past. Though, if Barack Obama has his way, it will be the stain that never gets washed away. For some reason, it's his greatest hope that human life continues to be destroyed and that women everywhere continue to be victimized, psychologically scarred, and so much more!! I have heard countless abortion stories and heard the pain, guilt, and regret of women as they tearfully tell me the stories that weigh them down with so much regret and shame. Thankfully, for those that know Christ, they have learned how to heal, and that God remembers it no more and holds their children in his arms. Though, even then, the memories rarely fade away; and many live with the after-effects of abortion (miscarriages, infertility, increased risk for breast cancer, psychological distress, etc.).

This is why I fight for life so much!! I am so tired of seeing people needlessly suffer - and that's only the tip of the iceberg! I have even had a man tell me his story of how he pressured his girlfriend to have an abortion; and he has grieved it ever since. EVERYONE suffers, people!!

This madness has got to stop!! America can't go on letting this silent genocide continue!! That is why we must stand up and fight FOCA aka the "Freedom of Choice Act" which Barack Obama is eager to make the law of the land. To learn more about FOCA, and to sign the petition to fight it, click here. It explains what FOCA is and also includes the video of Barack Obama addressing his buddy, Planned Parenthood, about how he plans to indoctrinate FOCA into our nation .

If any of you still aren't convinced about what's at stake, or how much abortion hurts people, click on the links I have provided at the end of this entry. They are the stories of real-life women who have shared their stories on my blog. And, in addition to that, I'm including a link to a poem I wrote last year when I was raising money for the "Walk for Life" for my local Crisis Pregnancy Center. Grace and peace to all of you!! Keep fighting the good fight!!

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