Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Stuff I Have Been Wanting To Say/Share

Today, I am just posting a lot of thoughts and information that I have been wanting to share. So, this blog is going to be a little "random" for a change. LOL So, anyways…..

First of all, today is a day we pause to remember and honor our veterans and active military. My Dad served in the army, and so did my Mom's father (my Grandpa). My Great Uncle's son (Mike) served in the Navy. My husband's father served as a marine in Vietnam. I'm sure we all know someone who has gallantly served in our nation's military - and has maybe even died while defending our country's honor and freedom. These people deserve our thanks and our prayers. Salute your heroes if you see them today and/or call them up and thank them!! God bless them all!! We love you!!

Second of all, today, my baby brother turns 23!! OH MY GOSH!! LOL Happy birthday Ryan!! Your big sis (though now much shorter than you!) loves you VERY much!!! Have a WONDERFUL birthday and many more….yeah, CRIPE!! LOL

Lastly, I wanted to make you all aware of a few important links I have come across in the last few days. One of them being a very interesting explanation of why Barack Obama has been so easily able to smooth-talk his way into office. If you have the time to even briefly look this one over, please see this detailed and comprehensive document that my myspace friend, Elaine, found (thanks Elaine for finding this and confirming what I had already suspected for months!).

The next link I want to mention is a VERY important one: FOCA is what's known as the "Freedom of Choice Act" which Barack Obama wants to make his first priority to sign!! Dear friends, let's stand up, make our voices heard, and fight this!! We have harmed enough women and children over the years; it's time for it to STOP, not continue!! Please, visit the link (all the information you need to know about FOCA is posted there) and sign the petition!! Pass it along to everyone you know as well!!

I also want to share a link that I became aware of today. It's from Please click here to sign this important petition and pass it along. This is a peaceful petition of resistance which states: "As an American citizen, while I will show respect to President-elect Obama, I oppose the far-Left and socialistic elements that comprise the centerpiece of his agenda. I recognize that it will take a patriotic and resilient Citizen Resistance to block implementation of this agenda and I join with others who oppose these threats to our liberties." In conjunction with that, I also agree with the brilliant statements given by Mike Huckabee: "Some of President Bush's harsh critics went beyond loyal opposition and engaged in angry, vile and mean-spirited hate. Those of us who found that kind of attitude and behavior despicable can hardly engage in similar conduct toward President Obama. We can show our true patriotism conducting ourselves in the way that we wanted people to have treated President Bush…….If Barack Obama pushes tax increases, indifference to the sanctity of life or same sex marriages, I'll strongly and loudly disagree. But I will still show him the respect that he has earned having been elected president of the United States."

The last link I want to share is one that particularly resounded with me, because I had the exact same thoughts after election day (and was going to blog it myself). Though, this article articulated it perfectly (one small correction….the Bible text quoted is supposed to be first Samuel, and not second Samuel. May we all remember the history and warnings found in 1 Samuel 8 and may we be aware of the end time prophecies being fulfilled even now!). Sometimes, God just allows us to have what we "think" we want in order to open our eyes to the goodness He TRULY wants for us; and to draw us back to Him when "our way" falls apart. The one good thing that will hopefully come out of all of this is that God's people will band together in unity even stronger than before and press onward for righteousness!!

Grace and peace to all of you!!

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